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A Photography and Filmmaking Mix

Ernest John Talusan is a Filmmaking alumni of IAFT Cebu. He is from Manila, Philippines and he loves photography and filmmaking. He now works as a cinematographer and editor at Digitank Studios. He works with fellow IAFT alumnus, Franco Alido, Kate Lugtu, and Loudette Calotes, Franco being the owner of the studio.

He told us that he is a team player and is always up to challenges that can educate him. Those traits helped him make his top quality videos. You can check out his videos in his Vimeo page.

Recently his short film, “Tsuper Hero” (which he wrote and directed), won an Award of Merit in the 7th IndieFEST Film Awards held in California, USA. The 11 minute short film tells the hardships of a jeepney driver in earning money to send his daughter to college. The film has been officially selected for the 2nd Noida International Film Festival, the Los Angeles International Film Festival, and the Tottering Biped Film Festival.

We have been in contact with our alumnus asking about how they have been. Most of all we just want to know what they have to say about IAFT. You can read some of the alumni interviews in our blog page. We are just curious like that.

And now it’s Ernest’s turn. Enjoy reading his answers to our questions.


Why did you decide to pursue filmmaking?

I thought of maximizing my skills, knowing that I have knowledge on photography, maybe It would be best if I increase my knowledge on that, so I decided to venture into filmmaking. Coming from business school, filmmaking is also business. It’s an art, it’s a passion.


How did you learn about IAFT and what made you choose IAFT for your film education?

Friends, family and media connections. IAFT offers top class education from top class experienced mentors.


How has your education and experience at IAFT helped you?

It gave me leverage into being who I am today, it gave me a stepping stone on being closer to my goal in life, which is to make films.


How would you rate your education and experience at IAFT?



What’s the one piece of advice you would like to give all IAFT students and film makers in general?

Don’t be lazy, never procrastinate, write when you’re bored, write when you’re down, when you’re happy, or just anything that comes to your mind, remember, a film comes from one small thing yet very important, an idea/ story. Writing from your experiences and feelings give you a stand point on where you’ll be going in your film.


What has been your most memorable experience at IAFT?

Shooting my first ever film, it gave me a view on how things will be in the later days of my life as a filmmaker.


What do you think of the mentors at IAFT?

They are great, they are very well experienced, which is one of the most important factors in filmmaking.


What do you enjoy most about filming?

The hardship, the passion, the effort, the dedication you put into even though you know that this will challenge you.


What career path do you think you will follow?

Being a director or director of photography


What are your favorite films and why ?

Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest” – framing, composition, color

Christopher Nolan’s “Memento” and “Interstellar” – story/script development, story structure, character development (“mindfuck” pegs)


Who are your inspirations in the filmmaking industry and why?

Emmanuel Lubezki, DP of “Birdman” – camera movements and motivated lighting


Which famous celebrity would you want to star in one of your films? Why?

Liam Neeson – why? why not?


What is it like living in Cebu?

Made me more independent and mature


What would you say is the most challenging aspect of the filmmaking process?

Starting a script, it always came to a point where in a can’t think of anything at first.


What part of the filmmaking process do you find most rewarding?

Directing people and channelling their emotions.


What projects are you working on right now?

TVCs from Digitank Studios, CMB’s 30th anniversary  event, 2015 Digitank Demo Reel. Travel Documentary


What are your plans for the future?

To be one of the successful international directors out there, in film and in commercials.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

I’ll be directing feature films and hopefully will be screened in international film festivals.





IAFT Cebu, Philippines is a film school that delivers an educational experience that reflects Hollywood roots and traditions. Founded in 2004, IAFT Cebu offers Certificate and Diploma programs in film , acting and 3D animation. Located in: One Hollywood Blvd
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