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And this is Sean Akers


“What if we use a bed sheet and some bungee chord to stage the plunge…”
“Well… Yeah… That might work if…. Hey! Where are you going, Sean?”
“Out to buy a bed sheet, what else? Come on!”
From the very first minute Sean set foot on our campus he got himself tangled up in all our projects, infusing them with the uncanny fruits of his exuberant mind.
But film making is not only coming up with the weirdest ideas; it is also and foremost the process of materializing them.
The film maker then is the alchemist that uses these ideas to forge life, to shape a new realm. In that sense we are God; bringing into existence a whole new universe, with its own intrinsic laws and peculiarities.
However awe inspiring and terrifyingly difficult this task may seem, it starts with the smallest of actions, like running to the local linen shop to pick up a bed sheet.
And that’s how Sean inspired us. He showed us that the first step to becoming a Creator is the simple act of going out there and try to get it done.
Your road may be bumpy and not lead you exactly to where you intended to go, but it will definitely take you somewhere. And maybe that somewhere is far beyond anything you could ever have imagined before. And that’s when stuff gets magical. that’s when film making transcends all that is familiar and leads us into the realm of infinite possibility.
So thank you Sean, for showing your faithful disciples the Magic of film making!



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