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Self-Expression through Filmmaking

Ignacio Hennigs is an IAFT Filmmaking Alumni. His main hobby is photography but filmmaking gives him the tools for self-expression. You can check out his works here and here. He is a freelance photographer for Getty Images, Corbis Images and Demotix. He is also the photographer for NGOs in East and Central Africa as well as other international companies.

We were curious as to what our alumni feels about IAFT after he graduated so we asked him a couple of questions. Here’s what Ignacio has to say.


What have you been up to lately?

I graduated from film school few weeks ago. I’ve been looking for internship/job opportunities around the globe and seeing a variety of possibilities to find a source of income from filmmaking. There are a few interesting options but so far there is nothing concrete. All of them require an amount of risk.


Why did you decide to pursue filmmaking?

I felt the necessity to express myself thought other mediums different from Photography and Writing. Filmmaking gives me the tools I need for that.


How did you learn about IAFT and what made you choose IAFT for your film education?

IAFT offers a one-year program at an affordable price if compared with other film school.  They have a practical-oriented learning method. I learn by doing and making mistakes!


How has your education and experience at IAFT helped you?

I feel more capable and confident in doing what I love doing, which is filmmaking.


How would you rate your education and experience at IAFT?

It was overall good. I don’t regret coming to IAFT Cebu. I would do it again if I had the opportunity. I felt so attached to the school-life that now as an alumni I don’t want to leave.


What’s the one piece of advice you would like to give all IAFT students and film makers in general?

Be yourself. Follow your inner nature and don’t allow that to be smothered by others in the world. Be passionate about what you do.


What has been your most memorable experience at IAFT?

Shooting my first film a few weeks after I arrived to school.


What do you think of the mentors at IAFT?

Mentors are experienced and knowledgeable. They are always willing to help you to achieve your dream.


What do you enjoy most about filming?

I love the team-dynamic during shoots. And understanding that sometimes filmmaking when on set is more like a dictatorship, that’s the way it works.


What are your favorite films and why?

Salaam Bombay. Because they used non-actor, real locations, real characters and real social issues to tell the story. You fell like if you are part of it.

City of God. I love the documentary style of the movie. It feels, once again, so real.


Who are your inspirations in the film-making industry and why?

Hirokazu Koreeda: Japanese director. He has his own style. I love the way he portrays every-day moments in his films. And how powerful he achieves showing the conflict within a character in the moment he/she has to make a decision.


What is it like living in Cebu?

It’s fun, especially because it’s easy to travel from here to other places in the Philippines, via airplane or ferry.


What would you say is the most challenging aspect of the filmmaking process?

Being independent and make a living out of it.


What part of the film making process do you find most rewarding?

When your film is being screened in front of a audience.


What are your plans for the future?

I wish I could start my own production company and as a side project, I would give disadvantage youths the opportunity to learn about filmmaking and provide them with the necessary tools to express themselves artistically.



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