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Bittersweet portrait of two Belgian boozers

Students from The International Academy of Film and Television in Antwerp traveled to nearby Leuven for Docville and the Belgian premier of Ne me quitte pas, a tragicomic ode to failure that was a huge success at the Tribeca Festival among others.

Bob (Flemish) and Marcel (Walloon) share their solitude, sense of humor and craving for alcohol. They have agreed that suicide is the best way out if the worst comes to the worst. They have even chosen the perfect spot: under Bob’s tree of life.

Sabine Lubbe Bakker and Niels van Koevorden not only scripted and directed Ne me quitte pas (Don’t Leave Me) but also took care of the edit. The Tribeca jury awarded the ‘bittersweet portrait of two Belgian boozers’ with the prize for Best Editing in a Documentary Feature in so celebrating ‘a pair of filmmakers’ ability to give shape, rhythm, and even mythic beauty to a story that might have been, frankly, a sodden mess.’ They also complimented the way the duo finds ‘luster in the most unlikely places’. (

During the Q&A with the directors and one of the actors, we learned of the long process of research, the challenges of filming and how the story they found was not they started out to tell. Inspiring.



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