by Michael Chasin

Screenwriting Mentor, IAFT/Miami

Film—as all art—can be not only about entertainment—but also about exposing its audience to new perspectives and ideas.

I tried to keep this in mind when I was invited to serve on the Advisory Board of the new Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival (MiSciFi).

While I was greatly honored—and would gladly share my film festival management experience—I did have to admit—science fiction was not my genre.

Nevertheless, I reminded myself to be open, and I accepted the invitation.

I am very happy to share that the inaugural MiSciFi—was a great success.

Fifty films from around the world were screened and The Lord of the Rings trilogy Visual Effects Supervisor Dean Lyon was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

As I watched these films about time travel, clones, droids, vampires, and futuristic apocalyptic worlds, I found that I was—enjoying them.

While these films were bathed in special effects, original production design, creative costuming, and imaginative make-up artistry, at their core, as in any good story, these films were about—human emotions.

Traveling in time—to save a loved one.

A vampire facing—a moral dilemma.

Emerging human emotions—in a droid.

So thank you—and hearty congratulations—to the Founders and Directors of MiSciFi—Troy Bernier, Edward Figueroa, and Eric Swain.

You have more than met your mission.

You have created a great new venue for films—and you have exposed audiences—including me—to a genre they may have not appreciated.

Michael Chasin
Author: Michael Chasin

Michael Chasin is an award-winning filmmaker with experience ranging from writing, directing, editing, and producing to screenplay consulting.  He founded and currently serves as Director of the ArtServe Film Maker Festival Series.  He’s also been a valued contributor to other festivals where he has presented screenwriting seminars and served as a Best Screenplay judge.  Michael has a boundless passion for filmmaking that he communicates avidly to his IAFT students in his classes on screenwriting, film finance, marketing, and distribution, film festival success, and career development. In addition to his Diploma in Filmmaking, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Human Resources Management, and a Masters in Business Administration. It's just been announced that Jordan Wall of The Glades will be making his directorial debut with Michael's short script, Greater Goode.