by Frederick Bailey  IAFT/LA


The young man sits on the couch, looking relaxed and confident.

“Hello, my name’s Cristian Madero,” he says.  “I own and operate CMDelux Films, and I’m a graduate of IAFT.”

He’s a very enterprising young man.  He founded his video production company in 2013, the same year he graduated with a diploma from IAFT’s Filmmaking Program in Burbank.

Somebody asks him how he liked the school.

He thinks for a moment.  “It didn’t really feel like school,” is his answer.  “You feel like it’s a workplace.  Everything was writing scripts, casting my actors, getting all the equipment ready, being on set.  It was just a good experience, and that’s what pushed me and motivated me to keep going with all these films that I’m doing now.”

He’s done something like 40 music videos, some with artists like Soulja Boy and The Rangers.  Just the night before, he shot two music videos back to back, both with up-and-coming hip-hop artist AV.  He just recently finished post on them and has already been told one is heading for an airdate on MTV.

“Learning constantly on what you’re doing will perfect what you’re doing.  I don’t think I’m the best filmmaker in the world, but I want to be, and that’s why you gotta study and you gotta progress, you gotta work to get to that point.”

He’s also recently inaugurated a clothing line, CMDelux Clothing, with hoodies, crewnecks and snapbacks.  He’s just returned from a location scout in Las Vegas, he’s starting to do commercials, and has been talking to groups about shooting low-budget features in Mexico and South America.

His thesis film, ABANDONED, a ghost story shot in the elementary school he grew up in, is readily viewable on YouTube.

Cris leans back on the couch in the IAFT/LA student lounge, tugs at his cap, offers a pleasant grin.

“IAFT is a small school—I never really wanted to go to a big school, because I like hands-on learning, and I need that attention.  The teachers are willing to work with you, they’re in the industry, so they give you the guidance you need.  I felt like I learned so much here.”

Fred Bailey
Author: Fred Bailey

Frederick Bailey made his debut as a feature director with Shogun Cop, a fantasy action/adventure unveiled at the Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival.  A total of 23 of his screenplays have made it to film.  Frederick has worked extensively with producers as diverse as Roger Corman and Bob Rafelson.  His screen acting credits include supporting roles in nearly 20 films, as well as a recurring role on NBC’s Days of Our Lives.  Fred has also directed over one hundred stage plays in theatres all across the U.S.  Recently, he’s written, directed and on-screen hosted two 45-minute educational documentaries for IAFT: DIRECTING and SCREENWRITING. He’s taught acting, directing, and screenwriting in Japan and the Philippines.