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Changing climate warning us about Earth

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Probably, anyone of us has noticed and even personally experienced what changing climate means. In fact, the last 10 years have been the worse period of time our planet could have. Earthquakes in several areas of the globe, stormy rains that destroyed whole cities and villages, amazing snows that brought devastation on cultivations an crop fields, but also causing several dangerous situations on the roads, pollution and global warming and many more.

Pollution: a little bit of history

We should begin to consider each one of these phenomena s vital signals coming from our planet. It’s like if Earth wants to tell us how bad it is. And actually, if we stop to consider all the human history we can’t deny that men did much wrong. The industrial revolution introduced the use of carbon as a main energy source for engines and machines in the first factories.

Trains that used carbon also added more air pollution, steam trains were much better but the invention of the first vehicles caused a stronger air pollution. People smoking cigarettes or spraying gases add more air pollution every day in the world.

Henry Ford and the first car

Cars and vehicles

Today, we are more aware of the risks for our health caused by engines and motors that use fuel to work. Planes, cars and motorcycles, lorries and trucks of all kinds represent a source of pollution and of risk of cancer for all people.

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