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by Michael Chasin


Today, the opportunities for your story to be seen are vast, including:

  • Ÿ Theatrical Movies
  • Ÿ Broadcast TV Channels
  • Ÿ Basic Cable TV Channels
  • Ÿ Premium Cable TV Channels
  • Ÿ Internet Sites / Channels

As different as these platforms are, it is vital that the storytellers understand how their content will ultimately be consumed, in each.

The movie viewed in a theatre—is a planned, travelled-to event, with the audience silencing phones (please), being quiet (please), and enjoying the content.

With that, the storyteller can be more meditative in the approach—as the audience is literally not going anywhere.

Premium cable faire may enjoy a similar experience—with the consumers having paid premium dollar—and thus being more inclined to dedicate themselves to the show.

Broadcast/basic cable TV now commonly has the viewer simultaneously being online, texting, or getting distracted by general household tumult.

With that, and in accord with act structures around commercials, the storyteller must move more quickly, with shorter scenes, and almost unending camera movement.

Content developed for online exhibition must contend with a viewer who is likely multi-tasking—and who may easily be driven away—by a mere incoming e-mail.

With that—short, attention-holding content is needed.

Therefore, when developing your content, it is important to understand how your story will be watched—but never to be at the expense of great storytelling—unique characters in self-challenging, high stakes problems.

So whether your content is consumed in a quiet (please) dark theater or in someone’s palm at the checkout line—your great storytelling will compel the viewer—to watch your story.



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