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Content As The Carrot

by Michael Chasin


From the first flickers in Nickelodeons, content was the end product—people paid for.

In the late 1940’s televisions were purchased—to watch shows (albeit with commercial interruptions).

In the early 1980’s, cable TV was subscribed to—for the content.

Entertainment content—as the end product—is at the core of these enduring consumer models.

However, something different is emerging today.

Netflix, conceived of as a deliverer of finished content, is now also a content creator, most notably with the acclaimed House of Cards.

Netflix’s foray into content creation was not necessarily to expand its offerings—but instead—to attract new subscribers.

Cards’ high production cost was to be recouped—and profited by—new Netflix subscribers who became so—just to watch House of Cards.

In this case, the original content was not necessarily the end product to be sold—but rather the carrot—for the subscription service.

Amazon, that behemoth of online shopping, has engaged A-List talent to create original content for its Amazon Prime subscription service.

Their purpose—to lure and keep Amazon Prime subscribers—who Amazon’s analysis has revealed—spend more—than non-subscribers.

Original content—Amazon hopes—will be the carrot leading to—more online purchasing.

Could we imagine then, sometime soon, one-minute long original episodes—only available on fast food menu screens—or at gas station screen pumps—to be the carrot—that creates product differentiation, attracts customers, and builds brand loyalty…?

As a content creator, perhaps the timing has never been more right for an original content pitch—not to a Hollywood studio—but to your favorite product.



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