At the International Academy of Film and Television, we believe in practical, meaningful education obtained by hands-on training from proven industry professionals.  As a student, you will receive a top-notch LA film school experience.  Whether you are participating behind the camera in our Certificate Program in Filmmaking or Diploma Program in Filmmaking, or in front of the camera in our Certificate of Performance Arts/Acting or the Diploma of Performance Arts/Acting, you will receive a quality of education unlike what you would receive from any other LA film school.  IAFT has the learning you want, the way you want it, and a price you can afford.  IAFT: join us today.

Certificate Program in Filmmaking – 450 hours

This intermediate course teaches you the essential techniques and methods to conceptualize and create your own short film as well as a 5-7 minute group film.  Learn the ins and outs of film production that will propel you towards a successful career in the film industry.

Diploma Program in Filmmaking – 900 hours

This intensive 10 month course is designed for those who are truly serious about pursuing a career in the film industry.  Learn everything there is to know about film production from pre to post-production with hands-on courses taught by our experienced mentors.  By the end of the course you will have completed a no dialogue short, a documentary, a public service announcement, at least one group film, and your own 10 minute student thesis film.

Certificate Program in Performing Arts/Acting – 450 hours

Learn the essentials you will need to make it in the big time with IAFT’s intermediate course for performing arts and acting. From acting history to the skills of movement, voice, and improvisation, this course gives aspiring actors everything they will need to go out in the industry and make their mark.  Students of this program will participate in one public performance and one student film.

Diploma Program in Performing Arts/Acting – 900 hours

For those who are truly serious about acting, this course teaches what you will need to know to thrive while acting in LA.  With 900 hours of hands-on learning facilitated by the industry professional mentors, students of the program will master the theoretical and practical sciences behind great acting. By the end of the course students will have participated in two public performances and two student-films, as well as receive an actor’s showreel.

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