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Filmmaking Craft Is King In 2015

by Michael Chasin


Just a few decades ago the opportunities for storytellers were limited.

In the 1970s there were only three major television networks and only seven or so movie studios.

So as a writer, director, director of photography, editor, production designer, or actor, you worked for one of those few—or not at all.

Self-production, self-distribution, and self-exhibition were difficult to impossible to enact.

Back then it was unthinkable that there would be a half dozen major television networks and innumerable premium, basic, and niche cable networks, as exist today.

Equally incomprehensible then—are today’s ten or so major movie studios with as many mini-majors and exponentially more independent production companies.

Add to television and film—the internet—with its specifically produced content.

Technology and the explosion of exhibition platforms have resulted in an ever increasing—and an almost insatiable demand—for content.

So for the storyteller—there are more opportunities today than ever before.

Yet despite this bounty, studio and network decision-makers—crave—excellent content.

The next Breaking Bad that will drive viewers to the network.

The next House of Cards that will drive new subscribers.

The next Hunger Games that will drive viewers to movie theaters and DVDs.

So perfect your craft—of writing or directing or editing or acting—and the decision makers—will crave working with you in 2015.



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