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Firstly, to those whom don’t know of H.P. Lovecraft, he’s an infamous short-story author who has inspired many authors/movies from today. Lovecraft (1890-1937) inspired an abundance of weird and awesome stories, and responsible for creating the character and myth in Cthulhu, the legendary 100-meter tall, octopus headed, winged creature. Lovecraft’s stories have been  adapted into many of our movies today. His success in story making has inspired many infamous authors today, notably Stephen King, Clive Barker, John Carpenter, and Anne Rice.

(Picture Above)  A depiction of the sea-god Cthulhu

I’ve seen many of the Lovecraft adaptations, and I found this one an excellent flick for anyone who’s into horror, strange tales, and creatures.

“Dagon” was adapted from a story called “The Shadow over Innsmouth”. The setting takes place on the coast of Spain, where Paul Marsh, the main character of the story, decides to take his girlfriend to getaway and visit his mother’s hometown. His mother never told him anything of the town she grew up in, and was often elusive regarding it. Barring a major boating accident, the couple get washed up ashore, with his girlfriend being seriously injured. The town is dark, and old, and they manage to find an inn temporarily reside at. The few characters they meet in the beginning make them feel unwanted, and after several events, leads to a town of villagers chasing Paul.

Plot wise, this movie offers a lot of history in itself. Appeasing a fish god named Dagon, a town of half-fish, half-human creatures, and a good amount of gore. It gets a bit weird, but excitingly weird.

(Picture Above) “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” especially in the world of DAGON

“Dagon” is a creative masterpiece in script writing. It’s eerie and bizarre to its benefit. I highly recommend this movie, if you’re into creatures and violence, you will also notice that today’s creatures draw many similarities to the creatures in “Dagon”. This movie is definitely for a select audience. It’s a horror flick of course, with a really good story.  If you end up watching this movie and enjoy it, do some research and hunt down the other Lovecraft adaptations!

(Picture Below) This guy probably parties with Davy Jones and does NOT want your filet-o-fish


(Picture Below) “Dagon” – highly recommended, not very suitable for most children



 – Samson Ko, IAFT Marketing Coordinator



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