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Dean Lyon

by Michael Chasin


There are few who have helped pioneer—and then continued to significantly influence—an industry.

Dean Lyon is one of those people.

At the 2015 Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival (MiSciFi), Mr. Lyon entertainingly described his journey—including roles as Visual Effects Supervisor, Director, Producer, and CEO.

Hailing from Detroit, Mr. Lyon went to Hollywood in the late 1970s and began his career in visual effects—involving such (now primitive) effects as double exposure of film.

As computers came into being, Mr. Lyon was one of the first to harness their power for visual effects in filmmaking.

A serendipitous vacation to New Zealand resulted in a ten-year stay and the founding of VFX Studio Oktobor—and included visual effects supervision of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Mr. Lyon has also had significant positions with DaVinci and Industrial Light and Magic—industry leaders in visual effects and computer graphics.

For his work, Mr. Lyon has been elected to the Visual Effects Society in Hollywood—and was presented with MiSciFi’s Lifetime Achievement award in 2014.

Mr. Lyon described working with many cutting edge directors—and always exuberantly approached his work as that of adding his own artistry and storytelling to the film.

As he stated, it’s not color correction—but color enhancement and color effect.

Mr. Lyon is currently CEO and Visionary of Splinter Studios—where he and his talented team have created a filmmaking model that is lean and highly leverages technology.

Mr. Lyon’s presentation—a mixture of the technical and famous-name war stories—was interesting and insightful for both the filmmaker—and film fan.



Michael Chasin and Dean Lyon with Lyon’s Life Achievement Award at the 2014 MiSciFi Festival.

Editor’s Footnote:  Dean Lyon worked as digital effects artist on Michael Chasin’s 2014 short film, Greater Goode.  [See IAFT-LA Blogs posted on June 6 and 11, 2014.]

Dean Lyon’s reel:



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