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"Eternity" Premiere In Hawkes's Bay, New Zealand

A great perk and perceived glamor of being an actor is the red carpet experience. However, this comes after a long, crazy journey of collaborative efforts put in by many talented and passionate individuals.

A year and a half ago, I was lucky enough to be cast for a role in “Eternity”, a New Zealand/Hong Kong sci-fi mystery feature film. It was quite a serendipitous happening. Out of the blue one day, I got a call from TVB asking me to audition for a part for an independent feature. Working under contract as an “artiste” at TVB for a few years then, I never actually had to audition for any of my roles, so it came to me by surprise that there was an opportunity to do so.

Not knowing what to expect, I met with the writer/director of “Eternity”, Alex Galvin and he passionately explained his project to me. The story was about a detective who ventures into a cyber world to solve a mystery not realizing that that it has been plagued by a virus. I would play his wife who tries to convince him not to take on the dangerous mission. Immediately intrigued, I asked him a few questions about the script and then did a quick reading as “Lisa Manning”.  I remember leaving the audition room feeling positive which I didn’t know at the time was a rare feeling for actors who audition regularly. Then, the next day I got a call from him saying I’d landed the part!

It proved a gratifying learning experience for me. For one, we had rehearsals before the actual filming. It gave me the time to explore choices and get comfortable with my co-star Elliot. Alex is a real actor’s director and so it was natural and comfortable following his direction. He was also open to changing some of the dialogue to make my character sound more believable – something new to me. When it came to the shooting days I was fully prepared and could be in the moment and in character.

So a year and a half later, which was a week ago, I attended the Eternity premier at the Opera House in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. It was my first time in NZ, first time meeting the rest of the Eternity cast and crew (as all of my filming was done in HK) and first time watching myself on the big screen in my first ever feature film – oh the nerves! Everybody, including myself, was blown away by how beautiful and grand the whole event was. It was truly wonderful to hear how much people enjoyed the film, and get positive feedback on my performance too.

To sum up my experience of New Zealand as a whole – the friendliest people I’ve ever met, fresh air and food, and magical landscapes! Heck, I would consider moving there one day… In the film, you can see the extreme contrast of HK and NZ because all of the scenes were shot realistically with no green screen involved – an amazing feat considering there were so many locations!

If you want to follow up with when “Eternity” will be shown in the cinema nearest you, go to or for updates.

Watch the trailer here


– Amy Tsang, Actress




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