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by Michael Chasin      Screenwriting Mentor, IAFT/Miami


You’ve completed your feature.

Your friends and family love it—but film festivals and distributors don’t (yet).

Is there a future for your feature?

A next-step option could be to four wall your film.

Four walling—as the name implies—is the renting of the four walls of a movie theatre to exhibit your film.

While there is no standard deal, usually the filmmaker pays up front to rent the theatre—and keeps all box office revenue—with the theatre keeping all the popcorn money.

Since the press generally won’t write about a one day event, a three day run will be necessary to get publicity.

Different deals could be structured for the second and third days, wherein you and the theatre split the box office—everything is negotiable.

An enterprising filmmaker may also sell merchandise, such as t-shirts, mugs, and posters (charging extra if autographed by the film’s stars).

Art house theatres are the most viable venues as they are generally more accommodating than multiplexes—and will feature your film on their marquee.

A South Florida filmmaker smartly recognized that the local Haitian community had no films to view in their native Creole—so he makes low budget films—in Creole—and successfully four walls them.

Likewise, if your film is of a special interest or features a local celebrity—four walling may be a good idea.

Four walling has many advantages:

  • Your film will be screened for an audience—a great lifetime experience.
  • You can build a following.
  • You can make money.
  • You can demonstrate to a distributor that your film does work.

You’ve completed your feature.

Allow it to be loved by more than your friends and family.



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