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I had recently been to Hong Kong Wetland Park.  It is located at the northern part of Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong.  The site of Hong Kong Wetland Park was originally intended to be an ecological mitigation area.  It is used to compensate for the wetlands lost due to development of Tin Shui Wai New Town.  The Wetland Park was opened to the public on 20 May 2006.

The Hong Kong Wetland Park (the “Park”) has 61-hectares of land.  The Park provides an education and recreation venue with a theme on the functions and values of wetlands for use by local residents and overseas visitors.

There are five galleries in the Visitor Centre.  In the Visitor Centre of Wetland Interactive World, there are themes of Cinema, Central Show, McDull at Wetlands, Necessities, Leisure and Inspiration.

Worth mentioning is the Wetland Cinema, the 3D film, “Wetland Time Travellers” currently playing in the Wetland cinema.  The cinema has 20 seats and it is equipped with 3D projections and specialized seat kicking device.  The film is played every 1 to 2 hours.

5D Cinema screening has been a recent trend in the Overseas Market, but what are 5D Films?  Other than three dimensions of films, they also have physical and environmental effects.  Seats can move.  Audience can feel water, smell and there may also be laser coming out.  5D films have five dimensions of experience on movie.  People get totally involved into films.  

Why does HK film industry not adapt 5D Films yet?  Is it because 5D Films involves a lot of investments?  Or, Hong Kong Government does not provide support to this development?  I am excited and looking forward to seeing 5D films to be launched in Hong Kong soon.  When we are implementing visual 5D technology, people will be more enjoyable, high performance entertainment and also attract more tourists to HK leading to a booming economy.

5D Cinema screening can now be found in Bangkok, Guangdong (China) and also Japan.

The Park is also one of the greatest places for our students to do shooting for their projects.  If the shootings are not for business purpose, students do not need to apply for permit to shoot inside the Park.  

The facilities are new and there is a lot of exciting experience inside.

Come and discover more in the Hong Kong Wetland Park.


– Evangeline Chau



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