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GETTING NOTES & What To Do With Them, Part Five

by Frederick Bailey   IAFT-LA


A final thought about script notes…

Some people who give notes are very conscientious.

There was a guy I worked for at a company called Spectacor, now defunct.  His name was Abraham Gordon.

He would read every draft of my script at least three or four times before he would venture to give me notes.  His comments were always extremely valuable.

That’s rare, that someone would read and re-read a script before talking to you about it.

He wasn’t the only one.  I can think of several others who put a lot of thought into it before offering any notes—Timm Doolen, formerly with New Line and DreamWorks, and Justin Wagner, formerly with Bigfoot.

Frances Doel at New World was eternally supportive and encouraging, contributing high-quality observations on your screenplay.

Amazingly enough, you will occasionally get notes from someone who hasn’t read the script.  That has actually happened to me many many times.

Conscientious people like Abraham, Frances, Timm and Justin are rare.

If you ever find one, be grateful for their input and hang on to them as colleagues.  You might want to turn to them for help on many occasions in your professional life.

People like that take writing seriously, and their feedback is genuine.


Thus concludes Fred’s blog on Getting Notes.



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