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Hollywood next for Cornelia

Swedish film student IAFT Cebu filmschool
After a three-week course in acting at the Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) in Cebu, Philippines, Cornelia Grimsmo from Oslo (20) has now decided to give her all to being an actress.

Cornelia, originally from Lofoten, Norway, took a year off after she finished high school. Having visited both Australia and New Zealand, she went for the first time to the Philippines in November 2011. There she participated in an educational concept for Filipino girls who want to be nurses in Norway. For this required, among other things, that they speak Norwegian. She taught 12 girls, two of who have now found jobs in Norway.

This happened on the island of Mactan in Cebu province, roughly in the center of the Philippines. Almost every day on her way to work, Cornelia passed a couple of big buildings, one of which had the words “International Academy of Film and Television”.

“It looked exciting and I was wondering if I could join this film school. I have been working with photography, writing and various other creative subjects at school, but found it was too limited .”

Both buildings and the name of the school however, looked exciting. After some research I found out that they accept international students and that they also have a three-week course in acting. I signed up and acting felt right from the start, after my first hour with the American teacher Alex Murphy, who drew out the best from me, says Cornelia.

One of the reasons that Cornelia has now decided to pursue acting is Alex Murphy’s enthusiasm and interest. Alex has 30 years experience as an actor and 20 of those as a film guide and teacher. He is also the lead Acting instructor at the school.

After one hour, I saw that Cornelia had that “little extra” that it takes to become a good actor. With much effort, she can achieve her wish to come to Hollywood, says Alex Murphy, who has worked as a teacher at the film school in the Philippines for more than five years.

At IAFT Cornelia also met three Swedish students, who all attended a one-year course in filmmaking. In Sweden, CSN (Centrala studiestödsnämnden) has approved the film school “The International Academy of Film and Television” in Cebu as a partner and thus opened it for affordable student loans from the CSN.

My worst nightmare is to be a bad actor, so I’ll give everything to achieve my goals. Now I’m going to look for film courses in Oslo and self study as well occasionally, until I come back here or decide to enroll in another film school for more classes, says Cornelia.

I like it very much in the Philippines, where the heat is not just the sun and the beaches; the people are always happy and helpful. I have not had any problem with being a young girl here in the Philippines. My friends and my Norwegian students take good care of me. Everything is very cheap here and there are plenty of shopping opportunities at modern air-conditioned shopping malls.

It’s also lovely to stay on Mactan Island, always close to the beach. My favorite resort is the Shangri-La beach. I love all forms of water sports and a better environment for this is unlikely to find, says Cornelia who also have traveled around to several other islands nearby, Boracay and Bohol being her favorites.