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IAFT does not hire career filmmaking professors. We hire Mentors…

A Mentor is someone who believes in you, who sees your potential, and who wants to help you find your own path to success. We hire industry-experienced professionals that want to share their experience and knowledge of their craft.

We know that you want to be taught by those that have actually worked in the industry and have real working experience to share. IAFT Mentors are chosen from around the globe with careful consideration. Our Mentors have actual industry experience, instructional skills, and – most importantly – the ability to nurture you in your creative and technical aspirations.

Because we hire working professionals, we cannot promise who our mentors will be in any given term. What we can promise is that all of our Mentors will be veterans of the industry with knowledge to share.

IAFT’s mentor rotation is a huge benefit to our students because filmmaking isn’t math. There is no right or wrong answer – to anything. One person’s mistake is another’s artistic decision. IAFT tries to offer our young filmmakers as many different views on filmmaking as possible.

The more points of view you are exposed to, the better you’ll become as a filmmaker. And more than that, with every new Mentor, you expand your industry network. The more people you know, the easier it is to find work when you leave.

IAFT Mentors are here to guide you to success. They are here to show you how to create your own path and get you where you want to go.

More than just our Mentors, IAFT also routinely enlists top lecturers to give you unique, practical insights into the world of film.

Are you ready to take the first step? Apply now and let our Mentors guide you to success in the film industry.

Los Angeles

Las Vegas


Hong Kong


Alex Murphy Of IAFT Antwerp

Alex Murphy


Acting Mentor

Alex Murphy’s professional acting career in film, television and theater has spanned the United States, Europe, and Asia. After graduating from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre/Performance, Murphy spent a few years performing in resident theatres in South Florida, and as a founding member and principle actor in the much publicized improv group, SCHOOL OF NIGHT.

Alex appeared in many OFF Broadway productions including LOU GEHRIG DID NOT DIE OF CANCER, DOPES, and FRESH MEAT at the Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York; THINGS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SAID at the West Bank Theatre; and BUCK FEVER and WHITE BOYS at the Westbeth Theatre Center, IRON TOMMY at Manhattan Punchline, THE SEA OF CORTEZ at the Workhouse Theatre, and THE AUTHORS VOICE and THE PRIEST AND THE ETHIOPIAN… by filmmaker Paul Weitz, at The Women’s InterArt Annex. In the early 1990’s was granted a coveted lifetime membership at Ensemble Studio Theatre.

Murphy’s work in film and television in the U.S. includes ONE LIFE TO LIVE, ALL MY CHILDREN, MADMAN and GUTS; his European films include KILER, MLODE WILKI, MOLDE WILKI 1⁄2, SUKCES, and AWKWARIUM.


Angel Vasquez of International Academy of Film and Television

Angel Vasquez

Los Angeles

Angela Martinez Of International Academy of Film and Television

Angela Martinez

Los Angeles


Anthony Welter


Sound Mentor and Technical Coordinator

Over the past 10 years Anthony Welter has been traveling around America and Europe using his expertise knowledge in music and digital technology to teach students Recording Engineering and Digital Music Production. After receiving his degree in Recording Arts and Music Business he has helped open schools around California while managing a record label “Fathme Records” and releasing multiple albums on various labels and performing live throughout the world.

Aza_lowres (2)

Aza Declercq


Acting Mentor

Aza Declercq is a Belgian actress, with over 20 years experience in the field. She studied drama at the Lemmensinstitute of Leuven, continued her studies in Classical and Modern Dance at the School of performing arts/Conservatoire, Antwerp, and took classes at Cours Florent (Paris), at Troubleyn by Viviane de Mynck and Emio Greco.

Aza acted in many TV series, Long and Short Feature movies. Amongst them she stood next to Leonardo di Caprio in Total Eclipse, took the honour of being part of the Oscar Nominated Short ‘Fait d’Hivers’ and recently acted in the French production ‘The things they left behind’-which received the First Prize at the Festival Européen du film fantastique de Strasbourg.

As many experience she has in front of the camera, Aza’s also very acquainted with the stage. Recently she acted in the play of Adel Jarallah  (We have a dream) in the Monty, Antwerp.

Aza is also a well trained speaker, not only is she coaching managers in presentation techniques, she is one of the main voices for ACHT (television)-and was 5 years the VOP for Canvas. Aza is a frequently asked Voice Over for commercials, audio guides, e-learning books, etc.

Aza DeclercqIn her wide experience in the field of acting and as a voice over, she’s also a dedicated  mentor for all those who have the passion for acting. As she quotes : “Acting, dancing and speaking is a complete physical en emotional process, its a state of being not just something you learn out of the blue .

Aza swears by using true emotions in front of the camera, and will teach you techniques in how to search, handle and use them on an emotional and technical level. She works very individual to get the best out of every student. She’ll also teach you how to handle scripts, how to audition, how to deal with your collegues and directors.

Her courses are very intense and demand full commitment and concentration.

Cara Hamill

Cara Hamill

Cara Hamill:  Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute: Acting: George Loros, Geoffrey Horne, Irma Sandry  Film: Darcy Marta  Singing: Jan Douglas. Mrs. Hamill teaches the following classes in the Advanced Filmmaking Program: IFA 104 Movement 101, IFA 204 Movement 202, AFA 104 Movement 101, AFA 204 Movement 204, AFA 304 Movement & Voice 301.  

Cara Hamill is a SAG member and has been a working actor in New York and Los Angles for over 5 years.  She has been James Toback’s Donnie Brasco and Woddy Allen’s Hanna and Her Sisters.  Cara Hamill has been in many other films as well as Theatre productions.

Chekesha Van Putten Of IAFT Las Vegas

Chekesha Van Putten

Las Vegas

Chekesha Van Putten is originally from Los Angeles California, where she undoubtedly developed her love to be in front of an audience.  As a professional actress, dancer and singer, Chekesha has made her mark in multiple industries and was coined a triple threat.

Chekesha began her career in front of the camera appearing in music videos and commercials. Studying under the tutelage of her mentor Debbie Allen, she quickly gained recognition in the entertainment industry and began booking roles in hit TV shows and films including The Academy Awards Broadcast, Full House, Melrose Place, Third Rock From the Sun, and commercial campaigns for Pepsi, Taco Bell and Ross department stores.  She was also a dancer and choreographer for Los Angeles Lakers Girls, where she was part of the Kobe and Shaq era.

Chekesha went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in Communications (Radio, TV and Film) from Howard University with honors and did post graduate studies at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, where she honed her craft as an actress.  Chekesha returned to the U.S. and continued to book more roles, including the first two Austin Powers movies, Hoodlum, Mad TV, Batman & Robin, and American Beauty, which earned her a Screen Actors Guild Award, for best ensemble cast.

Having worked with some of the top actors and directors in the industry including Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Jay Roach, Mike Meyers, George Clooney, Joel Schumacher, Kevin Spacey and Sam Mendes, to name a few.  Chekesha has gained insightful experience and knowledge about the TV and Film industry and continues her work on camera.

Her passion for acting and the performing arts is reflected in her desire to give back and educate others.  She strives to inspire actors to live out their dreams, while being equipped with the knowledge to be successful as an artist and a business person in the TV and film industry.  She is excited to be teaching at IAFT and looks forward to working with the future actors of tomorrow!

Daryl Morris Of International Academy Of Film And Television - Las Vegas

Daryl Morris

Las Vegas

Daryl Morris began acting at the age of 11. He was inspired by many things on television and quickly realized how much he loved doing impressions and became quite good at them. As a Las Vegas native, Daryl’s first foray into acting took place at an acting school that not only taught acting but jazz and tap dancing as well. From there Daryl performed in many musicals as a pre-teen as well as many a stage production in high school. He attended UNLV where in addition to studying in the drama department he learned script analysis, make-up, stage production, television and lighting production and scene and monologue studies.

Daryl has acted in over two dozen stage productions and is most proud of his work in Biloxi Blues. He has done voiceover and looping for 10 major motion pictures including all 5 Spiderman films, he was the principal actor in national commercials for UPS and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, as well as appearing in guest starring roles in 8 major motion pictures.

In 2000, Daryl had the opportunity to study at Playhouse West under the guidance of none other than Jeff Goldblum. Playhouse West has a reputation of being a breeding ground of some of the most talented actors of the day including James Franco and Scott Caan. Daryl will be teaching Acting and could not be more excited to share his love, passion and knowledge with the students who have chosen to Study at IAFT.

Eric Valente of International Academy Of Film And Television Cebu

Eric Valente


Eric is a 20-year veteran of the film industry. As a director, Eric tackled Hollywood Defined and Breaking In for Moviola Digital Productions as well as being the 2nd Unit Director on twenty episodes of Werewolf for Tri Star Television. He has also directed numerous PSAs and Industrials, along with music videos and stage plays.

Starting in the world of video games and interactive CD-ROMs,  Eric was a Visual Effects Supervisor on the Legend of the Mummy and Age of Treason, he entered the world of 3D as a Visual Effects Compositor. This added new dimension to his career as he worked on films such as The Dark, The Immortals, Looney Toons and John Dies in the End.

Eric soon moved into television as the Associate producer of television and Movies of the Week including Mercy Point, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Age of Treason. He moved into post as a post-production supervisor on Werewolf, Walker Texas Ranger and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

A member of the WGA, Eric wrote Revenge of the Mummy for  Gidco Productions, Andes Films’ Back to School, the adaptation of the novel Maxwell’s Train for Don Murray Productions and over 25 industrials and PSAs.

Francesco Uboldi Of IAFT Cebu

Francesco Uboldi


Born in Milan (Italy), Francesco Uboldi lived and studied in Virginia (USA) as a teenager and then moved back to Italy where he majored in Communications at the University of Bologna. Here he founded a laboratory dedicated to online multimedia productions – where, after his theoretical studies, he began working with digital video.

Over the past decade, then, he directed, produced, and filmed several award-winning documentaries and worked on TV shows, interactive multimedia pieces, and reportages. He gained a broad international experience shooting in numerous countries in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.

Currently, he also teaches at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of Milan (IULM).


Frederick Bailey

Los Angeles

Frederick Bailey made his debut as a feature director with Shogun Cop, a fantasy adventure unveiled at the Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival.  A total of 23 of his screenplays have made it to film.  Frederick has worked extensively with producers as diverse as Roger Corman and Bob Rafelson.  His screen acting credits include supporting roles in nearly 20 films, as well as a recurring role on NBC’s Days of Our Lives.  Fred has also directed over one hundred stage plays in theatres all across the U.S.  Recently, he’s written, directed and on-screen hosted two 45-minute educational documentaries for IAFT: DIRECTING andSCREENWRITING. He’s taught acting, directing, and screenwriting in Japan and the Philippines.


Frederick Ponzlov

Los Angeles

Frederick Ponzlov starred in Forfeit of Grace, for which he was nominated for Best Actor at the Method Film Festival.   He’s appeared in numerous features and TV episodes and is a winner of three Dramalogue Awards for acting, but took a hiatus nine years ago to start a career as a screenwriter.  His first screenplay, Undertaking Betty, starring Christopher Walken, Naomi Watts, Alfred Molina and Brenda Blethyn, received rave reviews at Cannes and won a BAFTA Award for Best Comedy.  He’s got two other scripts under option.  His book, Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life, written with Dr. Eric Pearl, has received great critical praise and is being published throughout the globe.  A graduate of the famous Neighborhood Playhouse in New York, Fred’s currently the Artistic Director of the Long Beach Repertory Theatre.  Throughout his 30-year career, he’s taught the Meisner Acting Technique.  He teaches acting in Long Beach and now at IAFT in Burbank.

IAFT Mentor

Gilbert Po

Hong Kong

At the age of 10, Gilbert made a movie with his super 8 camera. His cast was all his toys. The movie was a stop-motion animation which he called “Iron Man”. Since then, everything he did was out of the creativity of his imagination.

Gilbert believes creativity is the heart of all aspects of life. “Whether you are in advertising or film, building your career or family, or just making sense out of our lives, we are always creating something out of nothing.”

After film school at the Art Center in Pasadena, California, Gilbert became a filmmaker and screenwriter in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. He was represented by The Gersh Agency. His movie credits as a director include the Sci-Fi Channel movie of the month: “Assault on Dome 4” and “Obsession”. Gilbert holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors in Film/Communication.

Gilbert began a second phase of his career in advertising with Foote Cone & Belding Hong Kong (2000-2005). His work has been recognized in The Hong Kong Tourism BoardWatsons Water, 56 Repulse Bay, Samsung, Air Canada, and the MTR.

Gilbert is now an independent creative director/filmmaker working out of his banner company Creative Dioxide, which provides advertising and marketing services in Hong Kong and internationally. Recent clients include Hong Kong Disneyland, Amway, Mercedes-Benz, and DBS Bank.

Gustavo Hernandez

Gustavo Hernandez

Gustavo Hernandez: Master of Fine Arts, The American Film Institute. Bachelor if Arts in Mass Communications, Central University of Venezuela. Mr. Hernandez teaches the following classes in the Introduction and Advanced Filmmaking Program: AFM 101 Screenwriting 101, AFM 201 Screenwriting 202, AFM 107 Editing 101, AFM 108 Editing 102,  AFM 207 Editing 202, AFM 208 Editing 203,  AFM 105 Sound 101, AFM 205 Sound 202, AFM 402 Financing, Marketing & Distribution 401, AFM 405 Career Development 401, IFM 101 Screenwriting 101, IFM 201 Screenwriting 202.

Mr. Hernandez has over 15 years of experience working for the entertainment industry as Director, Writer, Producer, and Editor. He earned an MFA degree on Film Directing at the prestigious American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California. Among his many recognitions, it is worth to mention “The Mexican dream”, a short film he wrote and directed, winner of 13 International Film Festivals in the U.S., Mexico, Chile, and Spain. Gustavo has been honored with the AFI Franklin J. Schaffner Fellowship Award for Best Director of the Year, and The Directors Guild of America announced him Best Latino Director of the year at The 2003 DGA Student Film Awards. The Mexican Dream also became National Finalist at the 2003 Student Academy Awards, and was purchased by HBO for a programming rotation of two years. He also teaches Film at Miami-Dade College and CCAT (Center of Cinematography Arts and Television).

Herb Sennett

Herbert Sennett

Herbert Sennett: B.S. Education, Arkansas State University; M.A. Speech, University of Memphis; M.F.A. Theatre, Florida Atlantic University; P.H.D. Theatre, Louisiana State University. Dr. Herb Sennett teaches the following classes in the Introduction and Advanced Filmmaking Program: AFM 101 Screenwriting 101, AFM 201 Screenwriting 202, IFM 101 Screenwriting 101, IFM 201 Screenwriting 202.

Dr. Sennett has an extensive background in theatre, broadcasting and writing. He is the author of several academic books and numerous major articles and stage plays. In pursuing the Doctor of Philosophy degree from Louisiana State University, he trained in playwriting and screenwriting. Dr. Sennett developed the theatre major at Palm Beach Atlantic University where he taught for over ten years.

Isaac Florentine

Isaac Florentine

Isaac Florentine: B.F.A. Film and Television – Tel Aviv University, Israel (1987). Isaac Florentine has directed 16 feature films and over 140 Television Episodes.  Mr. Florentine teaches the following classes in the Advanced Filmmaking Program: AFM 103 Directing 101.

Jacqueline Richards

Jacquelin Richards

Jacquelin Richards: BFA in Motion Picture TV and Recording Arts with a concentration in producing and directing from Florida State University (2010) Ms. Richards teaches the following classes in the Introduction and Advanced Filmmaking Program: AFM 102 Producing 101, AFM 103 Directing 101

Ms. Richards has been a dedicated filmmaker for over a decade. After graduating from Palm Beach State College with an Associate’s Degree, she was accepted as one of only five transfer students into the prestigious and dynamic BFA program at the Florida State University College of Motion Pictures Television and Recording Arts. Jacquelin has worked on over 50 films and documentaries throughout their entire cycle of preproduction, production, post-production, and distribution. While in her final semester at FSU, she spent time in Los Angeles interning for several major production companies. After completing her internship, she became part of an independent production company and worked on a variety of freelance projects. Currently, Jacquelin is embarking on a journey of independent filmmaking by starting her own production company where she plans on producing documentary and narrative films.

Joe Romersa of International Academy Of Film And Television

Joe Romersa

Los Angeles

Joe brings over 25 years of experience in the sound recording and post-production industry.  Joe says, “Sound is my life.” In high school he won a College Competition Award in Electronic Futuristic Music using Musique Concrete, a technique used to manipulate sounds.  He’s also worked with legends of the music industry and recorded a Grammy-winner.  He has years of experience in sound engineering, working in some of the largest professional studios in Los Angeles, recording everything from simple, single microphone sessions, to full band and orchestra, location recording and mixing.  He’s created sound design in many Anime titles, including Ghost In the Shell and Street Fighter II, as well as video games (Resident Evil 5).  He is incredibly experienced in Foley, ADR and voice direction, and has taught engineering at the American Recording Institute.  He has used Pro Tools since its inception and knows Logic and Digital Performer as well.  As a songwriter, he has written songs for Silent Hill, and runs his own sound establishment, Shadow Box Studio.

Joey Kan Of International Academy Of Film And Television

Joey Kan

Hong Kong

Joey Kan is the founder of VALKAN productions.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Joey went to Boston, USA at the age of 13 for schooling. He has stayed there for 9 years through highschool and university… Joey’s animation “Tomato Love” has won various awards at film festivals around the world, including “Best Animation” at Cinema Paradise 2005, Hawaii.

Joey began b-boying in the year of 2002. It has been a life changing experience adding layers of confidence and style in the way he views the world now through the unity of Hip Hop culture.

Joey has made two independent short documentaries about b-boying- “Break Borders” and “Break Borders 2″. They mainly focus on the lives of a few b-boys around Boston, HK, Macau and Australia. “Break Borders 2″ was one of the finalists for the 14th IFVA in Open Category. He has since created “bboyhk.com” an online portal for breakdance and hiphop related news and events in Hong Kong.

He has recently been involved as an editor and animator for a Discovery / TLC channel TV series and an Anti-Shark Fin film for an NGO named Bloom.

IAFT Cebu Mentor Jonathan Tejano, 3D generalist, VFX artist, Compositor and a musician.

Jonathan Tejano


Jonathan Tejano, 3D generalist, VFX artist, Compositor and a musician. Has a working experience in Film and Broadcast media. Has worked on many broadcast motion graphics commercials for Fashionone and some local commercials in the Philippines. He became a VFX supervisor and 3D artist for some international Film projects one of which is Piranha 3D. His background in Print media for more than 10 years helped in producing stunning projects seen internationally.

International Academy Of Film And Television in Las Vegas Mentor

Josh Hudson

Las Vegas

Josh Hudson is a veteran video-journalist, Director of Photography and editor. Josh began his career in Las Vegas as a show editor and moved to video-journalist in less than a year. His work for ABC seen on CNN, Good Morning America, 20/20 and Primetime. In addition, Josh worked as a Director of Photography for IntensiT TV an internationally syndicated television show featuring Mickey Oliver. Josh is also a freelance commercial/film editor that is certified in both Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer. Josh is currently directing and editing a short documentary entitled “Is this the Face of Autism”, a project that is close to his heart. Josh will be teaching Cinematography 101 and Editing 101


June Beeckmans


Production Mentor

After a theoretical and somewhat technical education at the Brussels Art & Film School, June started her career as a production & research trainee at a non-commercial Film Production Company called Fugitive Cinema. Soon she started working as a script supervisor on a couple of feature movies such as ‘Hoogste Tijd’, based on the book by nobel prize nominee Harry Mulisch, and on the European co-production ‘Save Angel Hope’. She moved on to working as a second A.D. for the Flemish version of the Australian series E-street,  the telenovella Sara, based on the Colombian Yo soy Betty, le fea, and as a production coördinator for the HBO/BBC mini- series Parade’s End and the Lars Von Trier drama “Nymphomaniac”. In between all this she worked of and on as a screenwriter for a couple of Belgian soap-opera’s and developed some concepts for a feature and a television serie. In February 2013 she started working for Corsan as a production developer. On of her tasks was researching and developing ‘Prince Of Cool’, based on which she became an associate producer.

Kathleen Kenny Of IAFT

Kathleen Kenny

Kathleen Kenny:  Bachelor in Fine Arts; Actor Training Center University of Utah.  Ms. Kenney teaches the following classes in the Advanced On Camera Film Acting Program: AFA 104 Movement 101, AFA 204 Movement 202, AFA 102 Voice 101, AFA 202 Voice 202, AFA 302 Movement and Voice 301, IFA 102 Voice 101, IFA 104 Movement 101, IFA 204 Movement 202.


Kenneth Wiatrak

Los Angeles

Kenneth Wiatrak is a professional director of photography, live-action cameraman, and visual effects supervisor with a BFA in Filmmaking and Photography from the University of Michigan.  He’s a member of the International Cinematographer’s Guild, the Visual Effects Society, and the Animation Guild.  He’s served as D.P. on countless live-action features and TV shows, plus trailers, titles and shorts for Warner Brothers, Universal, Disney, and New Line, and has shot promos for the major U.S. television networks.  He was the D.P., Visual Effects Supervisor and Pre-Visualization Artist on the live-action/animated short, The Cat Who Talked to a King, for the Disney studio.  He’s worked on myriad broadcast commercials, frequently acting as both director and D.P.  He has been the cinematographer on multiple music videos, including Widespread Panic/Live at the Georgia Theatre for director Billy Bob Thornton, and on many documentaries.  Kenneth also has lectured on visual effects at the International School of Film and Television in Cuba.

International Academy Of Film And Television in Las Vegas Mentor

Kimberly Lollar

Las Vegas

Kimberly  Lollar accumulated years of production experience while working in the transportation dept. as a driver on over twenty movies before graduating with her BFA from Cal State Northridge. Immediately after college she focused her attention on development and producing while working for Madonna’s film company Maverick. During her time at Maverick she participated in the production of such films as Agent Cody Banks with Frankie Muniz and Material Girls with Hilary Duff.  Shortly after Maverick Kimberly was referred over to Parallel Entertainment where she handled the comedian clients Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, Ralphie Mae, PJ Walsh and Kathleen Madigan.  Once Parallel finished production on Blue Collar Boys: One for the Road and Health Inspector, Kimberly left Parallel to pursue her passion for television development with TNT, Tbs. While at TNT, Kimberly worked closely with the executives and writers, as well as producers like Dean Devlin (Independence Day and The Librarian) on Leverage and Steve Bochco on Raising the Bar. Kimberly’s other credits include hit shows like Saving Grace with Holly Hunter and creator Nancy Miller, Perception, The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles, and Dallas.

In addition to her contributions to network television, Kimberly is also a member of Women in Film, HRTS (Hollywood Radio and TV Society) and co-financier of the Purple Heels Society for Young Women.  She has judged several screenwriting competitions including Scriptapalooza, The Black List competition and Pitchfest and has been published in “103 Ways to Get into Television (By 102 Who Did, Plus Me)” by Jim McKairnes (formerly of CBS/Paramount). Kimberly will be teaching Screenwriting.


Lana Buss

Los Angeles

Lana holds an MFA in Acting from Arizona State University and a BFA from the University of South Dakota.  She has taught at Cal State Pomona, Texas Lutheran University, Arizona State University, the Shakespeare Society in NYC, and for the last seven years has been specializing in the teaching, developing and directing of physical-based, long-form improvisation at The Hothouse here in Los Angeles.  Professionally she has performed with the Southwest Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare Sedona in Arizona, the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company, The Judith Shakespeare Company in NYC, The Shakespeare Theatre in DC, and the Black Hills Playhouse in South Dakota.  Most recently, she performed opposite Kevin Kline in The Lover and The Poet with the Southwest Shakespeare Company.  Lana mentors Movement, Voice and Improvisation at IAFT.

Laurie Dee Whitman Of IAFT Las Vegas

Laurie Dee Whitman

Las Vegas

Laurie Dee Whitman was born and raised in New England where she caught the movie bug early and was spellbound by the stories told on the big screen by Mae West, Katherine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart and Stephen Spielberg. Sparking an interest in television and film production Laurie Dee graduated from Grahm Junior College formerly of Boston, Massachusetts in 1979 with an Associate’s of Science degree in Television Production. Her career’s work encompasses the television, cable, and movie industries from the East to the West coast. Her portfolio includes producing and directing local news and cable programs as well as holding various production positions in major pictures including, Stephen King’s Graveyard Shift, Joseph Ruben’s The Good Son, And Elizabeth Bank’s Surrogates to mention a few. Today, as founder of LDeeW Productions, Laurie Dee provides her clients the opportunity to tell their stories by producing, directing and creating content for movies, television and internet media productions.

Laurie Dee is passionate about excellence in television and film that enhances the viewing experience. So much so that she collaborated with several colleagues to attract big budget media projects in her community. Together the cofounded The Maine Studio, a multimedia production complex in Portland, Maine. She relocated to Las Vegas in January 2013 to assist her sister in taking care of their aging mother and she currently works at KSNV Channel 3 the NBC affiliate where she is the floor director for the morning news program, Wake Up With The Wagners and the Noon news broadcast.

Leonard Wong

Leonard Wong

Leonard Wong: Certificate in Film Production/Cinema Studies, New York Film School of Visual Arts. Mr. Wong teaches the following classes in the Introduction and Advanced Filmmaking Program: AFM 103 Directing 101, AFM 203 Directing 202.

For over thirty years, Mr. Wong has enjoyed both film and video industry success as an award-winning producer, director and cameraman on nationally syndicated television shows, broadcast television commercials, long form corporate image films, music videos and independent feature documentaries. He has produced, directed and shot for a wide range of clients such as Kodak, AT & T, Pfizer, Citrix Software Systems, the Travel Channel, the US Army Reserve, Atlantic Records and the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. Lennie has worked as an instructor of Cinema Studies and thesis advisor at the New York Film School of Visual Arts in New York City. He has been a member of the Directors Guild of America since 1979.

Louis Molina

Louis Molina

Louis Molina: Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television Production; Columbia College of Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.  Mr. Molina teaches the following classes in the Introduction and Advanced Filmmaking Program: AFM 306 Sound 303, AFM 306 New Media Production 301, AFM 307 Non scripted Television 301.

Mr. Molina has freelance experience with all the major television networks since the early 80’s covering every major news story in Latin America and the US.  Since the mid 90’s coverage of news and documentaries of major events all over the world, as a Sound Technician, Cameraman or Producer. He has experience in Electronic News Gathering and Electronic Field Production.  Experience working in reality shows and writing and producing his own documentaries.

Margaret Cheung Of International Academy Of Film And Television in Hong Kong

Margaret Cheung

Hong Kong

Margaret is a member of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association for theatre performers and Union of British Columbia Performers/Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists. With over 20 years of performing experience, Margaret has played many roles both in front of and behind the stage including actor, director, teacher, producer, and casting director.  Margaret has lectured at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong Art School, the Hong Kong City University SCOPE Project Yi Jin, Hong Kong Institute for Education and Hong Kong Management Association; and numerous secondary schools in Hong Kong. She completed a Master of Drama Education degree at Griffith University and is currently a Doctor of Creative Industries candidate at Queensland University of Technology.  She is a member of the Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies as well as an examiner for the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, and a certified ThinkBuzan MindMap instructor.

Mark Cabaluna - IAFT Cebu Mentor Sound Design and Mixing Mentor

Mark Cabaluna


Mark is a recipient of national honours and awards on sound design and mixing for several films and TV commercials. His technical management acumen borne-out from his experience in the fast-paced world of film- making made him an industrial partner in several entertainment startups in Asia. He is the first Filipino to mix a Film in Dolby 5.1.

Mark is instrumental in the design, building and fitting of Bigfoot Entertainment’s Studios in Cebu.He also managed and run Singapore’s only Dolby Mix Theatre. Mr Cabaluna studied Development Communications from the University of the Philippines in Los Baños.


Matthew Ashford

Los Angeles

Matthew Ashford is a graduate of North Carolina School of the Arts and is widely known for playing Jack Devereaux on NBC’S Days of Our Lives, in addition to playing contract roles on One Life to LiveSearch for Tomorrow, and General Hospital.  Matthew’s myriad film and television work includes Species, Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss, Bonfire of the Vanities, Dharma and Greg, Providence, Burke’s Law, Quantum Leap, Pacific Blue, Charmed and Tom Clancy’s miniseries Net Force.  Theatrically, Matt has starred in Annie Get Your Gun, The Sound of Music, Funny Girl, 110 In the Shade, and Arsenic and Old Lace. He received rave reviews from the L.A. Times for his portrayal of Officer Lockstock in the L.A. Premiere of Urinetown. He received the Artistic Director Achievement Award for Lead Actor in a Musical for Into the Woods in which he portrayed the Wolf/Prince. Other roles include the Soldier/Alex in Sunday in the Park with George, Carl Magnus in A Little Night Music, Thomas Jefferson in 1776, and Bill Austin in the National touring company of Mamma Mia!  He teaches both Stage and Film Acting History at IAFT.


Michael Chasin

Michael Chasin M.B.A. and M.S. Human Resources Management; Nova Southeastern University; Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship. Diploma in Filmmaking, Miami Film School: Mr. Chasin teaches the following classes in the Advanced Filmmaking Program: AFM 101 Screenwriting 101, AFM 201 Screenwriting 202, IFM 101 Screenwriting 101, IFM 201 Screenwriting 202, IFM 209 Career Development 201, AFM 209 Career Development 201, AFM 309 Career Development 302, AFM 405 Career Development 401; AFM 401 Film Finance, Marketing & Distribution.

At the pinnacle of a successful HR career, Michael gave up his corner office to attend film school and pursue his passion for film.  Within a short time, Michael has become an award winning filmmaker (including Best Screenplay) with experience ranging from writing, directing, editing, and producing to screenplay consulting.  Leveraging his management skills, Michael founded and currently serves as the Director of the ArtServe Film Maker Festival Series.   Michael has also been a valued contributor to other film fests where he has presented screenwriting seminars, served as a Best Screenplay competition judge, and has been an award presenter.  Michael’s passion for filmmaking has also returned him to our classrooms where he inspires students in his lectures on screenwriting, film finance, marketing, and distribution, film festival success, and career development.  In addition to a earning a Diploma in Filmmaking, Michael holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  In his spare time, Michael reads widely, severely neglects his lawn (but his neighbors still love him), and exercises just enough to delude himself that he is still in black belt shape.

Michael David Crenshaw - IAFT Cebu Creative Story Mentor

Michael David Crenshaw


Michael David Crenshaw has been pursuing his love of creative story telling for over 20 years. He is an Emmy Award winning Production Designer, Fabricator, and Artist. A long-standing member of United Scenic Artists 829 and the IBEW 98, he brings his unique style and love of teaching back to IAFT Cebu, after a four-year hiatus.

Most of the time Crenshaw can be found living and working outside Philadelphia and New York City, where his career has spanned most departments of film and television productions, as well as equity theater, concerts, sporting events, corporate theater and remote learning. Most recently, he stared in a Danish reality tv show. His career has also included multimedia startups, patented game designs, art installations, and interior design. In early 2010, he co-created the multi-city Sharp Mountain Film Festival.

Crenshaw’s film credits include Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, Bad Summer with Adam Pally and Sarah Burns, McCanick staring David Morris, and both in front of and behind the camera of Yash Raj Film’s New York.  In 2010, he won Relativity Media’s Big Break film contest for his designs in Sean Kirkpatrick’s Cost of a Soul.

He now teaches film producing, career development, film production management, art department integration and production design at IAFT.


Michael Goovaerts


Screenwriting Mentor & Education Coordinator

Michael Goovaerts is the author of The Truth about Lying.

He has a background in Psychology and Broadcasting Journalism. Soon after graduating he returned to his love of writing, starting out as a ghostwriter for publishing houses Borgerhoff & Lamberigts and Uitgeverij Houtekiet.

Since then he worked as an online critic for Enola.be, became a contributing writer for Psychologies Magazine and traveled the globe as a travel writer for A.S. Magazine and MO Magazine.

His curiosity for storytelling brought him to screenwriting. After attending a Robert McKee Story Seminar in London, one of his stories got selected during a pitch festival. Now he’s developing an idea for a romantic comedy and is in talks with Robert Kosberg, producer of Twelve Monkeys.

In 2013 Michael started volunteering for a small nonprofit providing care for street kids in Uganda. Educating underprivileged young adults sparked his interest in becoming a teacher. Back home he got more teaching training under his belt and landed a job as a Creative Writing teacher for Centrum Voor Avondonderwijs.

At IAFT Antwerp he gives first-time filmmaking students a passionate and enticing introduction to storytelling and writing for the screen.

Michael Hanna - IAFT Cebu Acting Mentor

Michael Hanna


Michael Hanna comes from the small town of Imperial, Nebraska. After studying radio and television broadcast journalism, he transferred to Los Angeles to study acting at a conservatory program similar to IAFT. After graduation, Michael began to work in Hollywood stage and television productions before continuing his education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln receiving his degree in performance studies. After moving back to Los Angeles, he has starred in numerous national commercials, as well as supporting roles in independent short and feature length films. Michael has studied improvisation with teachers from the renowned Second City Improv theatre, stage combat with the Society of American Fight Directors, and has worked with theatre companies throughout Los Angeles and the mid-western United States. Favorite stage roles he has performed include Tranio (Taming of the Shrew), Kenny (Laughter on the 23rd Floor), and Edmund (King Lear).

Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques: Bachelor of Fine Arts; Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida. Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts; Broward Community College, Davie, Florida.  Mr. Jacques teaches the following classes in the Introduction and Advanced On Camera Film Acting Program.

Michael Robinson Of International Academy Of Film And Television

Michael Robinson

Hong Kong

Michael Robinson has a broad range of professional experience spanning twenty years as an animation director, creative director and web designer.  His films have won national US awards and his work has been screened at festivals around the world.  He directed and animated a series of story-driven spot IDs for MTV Networks in 2009 & 2010, in addition to several commercial and independent animation projects.  His creative career started in web design where he developed the look and feel of web site brands for Microsoft, Target Stores and MTV Networks (including Comedy Central and VH1).  He earned his MFA in animation from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in 2008.

Mike Muschamp - IAFT Cebu Cinematography Mentor

Mike Muschamp


Mike Muschamp is a cinematographer of 30 years experience with 22 features to his name(soon to be 23!). He has worked all over the world, 9 years in Thailand (5-35mm features and many t.v.dramas), 3 years in Malaysia (8 cinema released features, 6 on 35mm,and 2 on the Alexa) and in the U.S.And the U.K.

He was originally trained by Magnum photographers (at Newport Gwent-2 year course),then moved into film and attended initially a 1 year course in video production(covering editing,directing and cinematography),then 2 years at The London film school(previously the London international film school,attended by British director Mike Leigh)where he specialized ,in 35mm cinematography,so he completed 5 years of training!.

He has also taught cinematography all over the world,and ran workshops in Thailand,and “master classes”for Finas(the Malaysian film board), along with teaching at various London film schools.

His work and I.M.D.B.linked c.v.can be viewed at   www.enkiproductions.com

Nick Sacci

Nick Sacci

Nick Sacci: Associate of Arts Film and Video Production; Palm Beach State College. BA in Communications; Florida Atlantic University. Mr. Sacci teaches the following classes in the Introduction and Advanced Filmmaking Program: AFM 107 Editing 101, AFM 108 Editing 102,  AFM 207 Editing 202, AFM 208 Editing 203,  AFM 310 Editing 303, AFM 404 Thesis Film Post Production 401, IFM 107 Editing 101, IFM 108 Editing 102 , IFM 207 Editing 202, IFM 208 Editing 208.


Paul Lashmana


Editing Mentor

Paul Lashmana studied Journalism and worked as a tv researcher and video reporter, before moving on to Motion Graphics and Editing. His clients include national and international companies, and he is frequently involved in projects for national television. Productions include “De Weg naar Mekka” (Canvas), “Macht van het Minuscule” (Canvas) and “Plop en de Peppers” (Studio100).


Perry De Loor


Directing Mentor

Perry de Loor is a professional screenwriter and director with a MFA in Filmmaking and a MSc in Management. As a writer-director, he created the award-winning Belgian docudrama LOUIS about famous beggar Louis from Antwerp. He got a lot of national media attention and directed famous Belgian actors in his films. He directed short films (IN HER LABYRINTH, EXTINCTION, …), commercials (for UNILEVER, MCDONALDS, …) and television shows (DEN TOOG) in Belgium and Hollywood. He’s still in his twenties.He learned storytelling from reading Aristotle and screenwriting gurus, but learned even more writing himself, which resulted in a screenplay model he created. He is specialized in brainstorming, character and plot development. Perry has more than twenty favorite movies and is a big fan of directors like Alfred Hitchcock, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton and Guillermo Del Torro. At this moment, he works as a story analyst, screenwriter and director for movies, television and commercials. He teaches screenwriting and directing at IAFT Antwerp.

Philip Jones

Philip Jones II

Philip Jones II: M.S. Music Engineering Technology, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida (May 2010). Philip Jones teaches the following classes in the Introduction and Advanced Filmmaking Program: AFM 105 Sound 101, AFM 205 Sound 202, AFM 306 Sound 303, AFM 404 Thesis Post-Production 401.

Philip Muana Of IAFT Cebu, Philippines

Philip Muana


Philip Muana, a TESDA certified trainer in 2D and 3D animation, was part of the pioneering batch of the video production team created by bigfoot when the company started back in 2002. He worked as the company’s in house video editor and motion graphics designer. He was also the Video Editor of the 2010 independent film, Ang Damgo Ni Eleuteria (Eleuteria’s Dream), that bagged awards in both local and international film festivals, and the Visual Effects Editor for 2011 Cinema One Originals’ Di Ingun Nato (Not Like Us) and My Paranormal Romance.

Rich Hyatt Of International Academy of Film and Television

Rich Hyatt

Los Angeles

International Academy Of Film And Television in Las Vegas Mentor

Rick Barker

Las Vegas

Rick Barker is a visionary in the visual arts industry. His career has covered three decades. After moving to Las Vegas he studied screenwriting at UNLV, independent film distribution from UCLA and Directing at International Film & Television Workshop. Rick is the owner of Snow Leopard Films which creates films, TV programs, video production projects, and music videos that have an emotional, inspirational, memorable, or social impact. Rick is also a professional teacher who has studied editing and visual effects, he has taught at the college level for almost a decade and is a master storyteller. Along with being a professional author and screenwriter, Rick is also the father of four children and grandfather of eighteen grandchildren. Rick Barker will be teaching Directing.

Rochelle Frederick

Rochelle Frederick

Rochelle Frederick: Masters of Music; concentration in music theory and composition, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida (May 2010). Bachelor of Music; commercial music with a concentration in music technology, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida (December 2006). Rochelle Frederick teaches the following classes in the Introduction and Advanced Filmmaking Program: AFM 105 Sound 101, AFM 205 Sound 202, AFM 306 Sound 303, AFM 404 Thesis Post-Production 401.

International Academy Of Film And Television in Las Vegas Mentor

Russell Feher

Las Vegas

Russell Feher has balanced being on both sides of the camera starting in production with The Super Dave Osbourne Show and eventually appearing in features like PCU with Jeremy Piven. Along the way he’s appeared in Nancy Drew with Scott Speadman and stared in features See Saw Game and Alcatraz Avenue which made its premier at the AFI Film Festival.  Russell, a member of SAG and the Canadian film union ACTRA, also co-founded Backlot Productions in Los Angeles, a full service studio that worked with Dreamworks for Wes Craven’s feature Red Eye, VH1’s I love the 80’s, 70’s, The Osbournes and numerous Behind the Music specials along with EPK and promo packages for Warner Brothers TV, EMI/Capitol and CBS.  After moving to Las Vegas, Russell executive produced the Oxygen Network’s Living Additions and directed the sketch comedy Flock of Meese which won the Nevada Film Festival’s Golden Reel Award.  Recently, Russell starred in the Juicy J rap video One of Those Nights and is currently working with Cohencidence Productions on three separate film properties.  Russell is teaching Movement and Class Film.



Russell Marleau

Los Angeles

Originally from the Bay Area of California, Russell Marleau spent his formative years in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He attended San Jose State University where he received a BA in Film & Television. Since moving to Los Angeles in 1989, Marleau has worked as screenwriter, producer and director.  He’s done many animated television series, including The Adventures of Hyperman, Life With Louie, The Proud Family, and The Grimm Kids. Expanding into live-action television, Marleau was show runner for The New Adventures of A.R.K.: Animal Rescue Kids and consulted on Bone Chillers. In the realm of feature films, Marleau wrote and produced 3-Way and made his directorial debut with The Curiosity of Chance, a multiple festival award-winner.  He’s since written numerous work-for-hire screenplays for various studios.  Russ teaches Screenwriting and Producing.

International Academy Of Film And Television in Las Vegas Mentor

Sabine Koning

Las Vegas

Sabine Koning has had an extraordinary career in her native country The Netherlands. She started acting at a prestigious theater group in Amsterdam at the age of 12, where she starred in numerous Shakespeare and Greek productions. At 17 years of age she debuted in front of the camera in the longest running, number one, prime time, award-winning TV show “GTST” where she played a leading character for 17 years. Throughout her career she starred in many successful TV shows and movies, ranging from comedy and drama to thriller and children’s entertainment.

Throughout her career Sabine was fortunate enough to be in a position to utilize her status and give back by working with numerous charitable organizations including Unicef, an Aids Foundation And many more. Sabine is a remarkable talent who has earned great fame in The Netherlands during her acting career and will be teaching Voice at IAFT Las Vegas.

Sean Akers Of International Academy Of Film And Television

Sean Akers

Los Angeles

Sean Akers is a producer at the independent production company Before The Door.  He was an associate producer on J.C. Chandor’s debut film Margin Call in 2011, starring Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, and Zachary Quinto, and is now co-producer on Chandor’s follow-up feature, All Is Lost, starring Robert Redford.

Sean was also co-producer on Victor Quinaz’s TWV Project and executive producer on Blair Erickson’s horror feature, The Banshee Chapter.  He produced Dog Eat Dog, a short film by Sian Heder, starring Zachary Quinto and Philip Baker Hall—it’s a modern fable about pet adoption.

A Pittsburgh native, Sean taught high school in Philadelphia, was a graphic designer in a multimedia company, served as a Director of Marketing for a skin care line, helped launch a theatre company, managed musicians, and developed his own web and graphic design business.

He wrote and published THE SECRETS OF CROWDFUNDING: A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting the Most From Your Kickstarter Campaign last year, after doing a seminar on Crowdsource Funding at IAFT.  He teaches Film Finance, Marketing & Distribution for IAFT.

IAFT Film Acting School - Seth Anderson

Seth Henderson

Hong Kong

Seth Henderson is a screenwriter and director originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and currently based in Hong Kong. While still in the US, he worked on the camera crew for “Dawson’s Creek” television series before producing the PBS documentary “Confederate Goliath” in 2003. After living and working in Japan and Beijing, he earned a Master of Fine Arts in Film, concentrating in Screenwriting and quickly sold two feature-film scripts. He has directed several short films, documentaries, web-series and commercials and is currently teaching several filmmaking programs.

Steven Ballantyne Of International Academy Of Film And Television

Steven Ballantyne

Hong Kong

Steven Ballantyne is a Hong Kong based line producer, location scout and manager and international production ‘fixer’. For over ten years, Steven has supported factual, reality and documentary makers to film in some of the remotest and not so remote regions across Asia. Steven is a ‘Fellow’ of the Royal Geographic Society in London – a prestigious award given to him in recognition for his contribution to knowledge on Papua New Guinea and Mongolia.

Most recently, Steven, scouted, negotiated and managed the use of the remote desert island used in the new TV series for the Discovery Network, “Naked & Marooned with Ed Stafford“, and as line producer managed the production for the entire 60 day shoot period remotely from his own desert island. With a list of production credits to his name including productions made with BBC Natural History and National Geographic, Steven has a wealth of knowledge on what it takes to be a professional location scout and manager and will give insight into the many aspects of the job.


Steven Boe

Los Angeles

Steven Boe began his career in front of the camera working as an actor on several features and television series including Wild Bill,The 60’sL.A. LawBaywatch Nights, and most notably as Cam Cutler in Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion.  He is the co-founder and President of Imaginal Cells FilmWorks, a production and post-production company in Los Angeles.  In addition to working with filmstudios and network television, Steven has independently produced and directed several award-winning films, including the dark comedy Ugly On The Inside (currently being developed as a television series), and the animated documentary Mythic Journeys, featuring the voices of Tim Curry and Mark Hamill.  Boe has been a guest speaker and panelist at multiple film festivals, schools, conferences and organizations.  He’s a member of Film Independent; the International Documentary Association; SAG; AEA; the Joseph Campbell Foundation, and on the board of directors for The Brittany Foundation (a non-profit group dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned dogs).  Steven teaches Cinematography, Producing, PSA, and Locations.

Tom Nador

Tom Nador

Tom Nador: Over 20 year’s professional experience in the Filmmaking industry. Award winning, commercial DoP+Director with post experience. Experienced leader that can move a project from script-to-screen, Principal at award winning Production House, Laszlo Rain, with full service capabilities. Tom has produced and directed regional, national, and local commercials. Tom teaches the following classes in the Introduction and Advanced Filmmaking Program: AFM 102 Producing 101, AFM 103 Directing 101, AFM 104 Cinematography 101, AFM 105 Sound 101, AFM 106 Digital Film Production 101, AFM 107 Editing 101, AFM 202 Producing 202, AFM 203 Directing 202, AFM 204 Cinematography 202, AFM 205 Sound 202, AFM 206 Digital Film Production 202, AFM 207 Editing 202, AFM 302 Directing 303, AFM 305 Cinematography 303, AFM 306 Sound 303, AFM 309, AFM 310 Editing 303, AFM 401 Thesis Film Pre-Production 401, AFM 403 Thesis Film Production 401, AFM 404 Post Production 401.

International Academy Of Film And Television Mentor Tommy Mullins

Tommy Mullins

Las Vegas

Tommy Mullins has worked for a decade and a half as a sought after freelancer in the vast world of Production. His specialties are audio, digital video, on location production logistics, editing, and on-set & studio recording/mixing/Foley. Some of Tommy’s experiences in Las Vegas range from Audio Lead at the Hard Rock Hotel’s ‘The Joint’, instruction and curriculum development at Live Production Institute, to various sound design and high end video engineering projects including DeepRockDrive.com and CA World (international cloud computing conference) – he’s even done wardrobe.

His previous educational background in Sound Technology (which included studies in Physics and Electronics) gave him a firm platform from which to jump into the workplace, where he continues to learn and progress. Currently, Tommy mixes, operates show control and provides production assistance with the long running BeatleShow on the Vegas Strip and is the founder of InteractStream, LLC where he works in his spare time developing a highly interactive live streaming video platform. He can ride a unicycle and has a Boston Terrier dog.

Tony Lynn - IAFT Las Vegas Acting Mentor

Tony Lynn

Las Vegas

Tony Lynn has been studying, performing and teaching Improvisation for the past 25+ years. Teaching at the college and professional level, he has distilled the process to one that moves quickly, is fun and leads to performing for stage, film and television. He has performed on stage at “Second City” as well as with the groups “Out On A Whim”, “No Prior Convictions”, “The LA Connection”, “The Groundlings” and “THE SPOLIN PLAYERS”. The latter group the only one endorsed by Viola Spolin herself. Mr. Lynn (who is SAG/AFTRA affiliated) has acted for stage, screen and television. He is also a former CBS/NBC/NPR reporter/anchor and talk show host. With his former stand-up Comedian’s sense of timing and outlook, the emphasis in Mr. Lynn’s classes is on FUN.

“If the ‘Mentee’s‘ aren’t having fun in this process, I’m doing something wrong. Students move the fastest when they are relaxed and having FUN! You can’t move out of your comfort zone when you’re stressed and judging yourself and others. I don’t allow the students to judge each other or themselves, that’s my job. The student’s job is to support each other and work to create the deepest most interesting characters and situations they can. Improv is not just a ‘technique’, it’s a way of looking at life that can enrich your life far beyond your success with stage, film, or television”. – Tony Lynn.


Wim De Baere


Digital Film Production Mentor

Started up a recording studio at 16 and learned to produce and record live audio.  From this studio worked for publishers like Abimo, Plantyn, Bakermat, Pelckmans recording voices with talents like Warre Borgmans, Colette Notenboom, Luc Descamps.  Composed and recorded a lot of music for children, theater and musical.  From this background started to teach computerediting with programs like Cubase, Logic, Adobe Premiere, After effects, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Final cut and Motion,  in Adult Education.(CVOLBC).
Started up a company called Moonbeat where we renovated an old theatre into a live recording environment. Specialising in piloting live shows with an audience we produced live multicam video for the major production companies like Eyeworks, Dedsit, Blazzhofski and Alaska TV providing them a pitching pilot for the networks. (Café Corsari, Singer songwriter …)

Next to the TV-pilots we also registered concerts and live shows with bands like Koen De Cauter, Lili Grace, Frank Vaganee, Tuur Florizoone, Tourist and comedians like Bert Gabriels, Thomas Smith, William Bouva, Jeroen Leenders…

Also started capturing and doing post and pre production for theatre (Compagnie De Barbarie, Theater Tieret)

Got interested in fiction and started a project as a creative producer with director Deben Van Dam and DOP Wim Vanswijgenhoven and the young writing team Malibu.  The project got sold to FOBIC films and is in development there.
In september started up a new company called Pilotframe specifically focused on developing concepts and setting up 2 new fiction projects and a pilot for a TV series for kids.