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Final Draft software is the #1-selling scriptwriting program for screenwriters, TV writers, playwrights, and writers of new media and is also the industry standard for scriptwriting.  It seamlessly formats your script as you type.  Tab and Enter keys make formatting your script a snap, and More’s and Continued’s automatically appear at page breaks where needed.  Join the ranks of Hollywood’s most notable writers and use your creative energy to focus on the content while Final Draft takes care of the style.

Final Draft is an educational partner of the International Academy of Film and Television and is the program of choice for all IAFT screenwriting courses.

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IAFT students and alumni will receive 15% off your entire purchase on WritersStore.com.

Use code IAFT to receive your discount on tools such as Final Draft, Movie Magic Budgeting & Scheduling, FrameForge and StoryBoard Quick.  These tools can help put you in control of your artistic vision.

Los Angeles Campus Partner


HANHAI STUDIO is the first pioneering Hollywood-Chinese creative production and technology incubator in the U.S.

The studio has several branches throughout the world: in San Jose, Burlingame, and Boston; Vancouver and Toronto in Canada; Munich in Germany; and Beijing & Shanghai in China.

The Burbank branch was established in January of 2015.

Hanhai is launching straight into the 21st century with a zero-distance platform between Hollywood entities and Chinese creative production companies.

The importance of these efforts is recognized in China because of its booming creative industry and investment capitals interested in China-Hollywood networks and business opportunities.

Hanhai Studio operates:

  • a training program, working with IAFT
  • incubation openings for technology start-ups with unique Intellectual Properties
  • and a fund for producing feature-length motion pictures for distinctive distribution in both China and America

With all these resources in full play from all over the world, Hanhai Studio aims to connect China and North America through all channels.

Hanhai Studio co-hosts the Hollywood Film Festival and the L.A. Shorts Fest.


Cebu Campus Partners

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  • HD SNMMS Logo (5000x5000)


Hong Kong Campus Partners

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  • CWS
  • Filmages
  • Kinomagic
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  • The Standard
  • Tsol
  • Talent Zone
  • Third Culture
  • Videoblocks
  • Silicone Zone
  • Video Cha Cha
  • EPM Asia