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IAFT Alumni Open Production House in India

Internet is all covered with start up stories that take you to the world of technology, web, coding, e-commerce and much more. But this one to be considered in the start-up world is a little out of league. We watch movies, music videos, ads and serials on television, all this work has a well-organized team of professionals behind the scenes led by a team leader. You could very well call him an entrepreneur. We are talking about Snow Leopard, Film production house in India, a start-up out of league.

About Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard Production House came as an idea to start with to the founder Rajeev Thakur as he graduated from International Academy for film and television in Cebu, Philippines in 2010. As he said,” I self-funded my first short film that I made during my curriculum at IAFT Cebu. It was a four Minute MOS (Mit-out-sound), MOS means no dialogue.”

Behind the Scenes 1

Snow Leopard Production In India - IAFT Cebu
(Behind the Scenes while shooting music video for Band DeathKnell.)

Snow Leopard, film Production house in India is a bootstrapped venture with presence in Shimla and New Delhi, that has taken a shape as Rajeev saw the team built up. He has a team of 10 members, with Suman Sahu and Premal Rawal as the Director of Photography with an in house DOP Subhash Sharma. Rajeev leads the team as the director with in house producers Amit Kumar and Kapil Sharma.

How does It work

Film production house has to maintain a standard in its work, which comes in with the use of standard equipment. High quality video works are executed using cameras Canon 5d Mark III, Canon c300, Alexa etc.

They take up projects valued at Rs. 1Lakh to Rs. 5 Lakh, depending upon the locations, quality and length required. Talking about their current music video raging on internet, Rajeev informed, “Crew of three Guys shot this video in the interior of Himalayas last month while the area was swept by flash flood the day after. Video was shot at 15000 feet above the sea level and we had experienced snowfall in June.  This occurred after 100 years according to the locals.”

Plans to Scale up

Snow Leopard Production House looks to scale up with their upcoming projects of movies based on an Indo Tibetan Love Story and some horror flicks. They also talk about the new wave cinema which is largely based on contemporary and experimental scripts.

Our Opinion

Show Leopard seems to be faring well and on track if we take a look at their work on YouTube. Their videos are gaining traction amongst online viewers. The cash flow for a bootstrapped venture could take a while to become a perennial stream, but overall looking at the scale of entertainment industry, sky is the limit. We wish them all the best!!


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