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IAFT: Filmmaking on the Global Level

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Many are quick to declare colleges such as the University of Southern California and New York University as the cool, older brothers in the large family of U.S. film schools; however, aspiring filmmakers could benefit from looking into one particular smaller, boutique school that can spearhead their filmmaking careers: the International Academy of Filmmaking and Television (IAFT).

IAFT is truly an international school; there are campuses in Cebu (Philippines), Los Angeles, Miami and Hong Kong. Soon, the school will even open a campus in Antwerp, Belgium, according to IAFT CEO and director Kacy Andrews. Andrews has been involved in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years, including feature films, television series, theatre and animation.

“We are an international film school,” said Andrews.  “We’re planning to expand. We’re picking [Antwerp] because the cost of living is manageable, and it’s a charming city.”

With campuses in different countries, IAFT is able to offer what most film schools (and other schools for that matter) can’t: a valuable, global film education and an experience of a lifetime.

“It’s that global experience,” said Andrews. “For example, students could study at one campus and then make a film in another country at another campus. Plus, there’s also a global network of alumni.”