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by Michael Chasin    Screenwriting Mentor, IAFT/Miami

There are few awards—in any endeavor—that carry the prestige of an Oscar.

Oscar winner is a lifetime label—and it is said—good for a ten year career boost.

The Oscars themselves have become a cottage industry of red carpet fashions, ‘exclusive’ interviews, and preview shows—creating a celebration of the celebration.

But what is being celebrated?  Certainly not the films that drive the industry, such as those high-grossing movies that may have gotten there on gross-out humor.

Instead, the Academy choses to self-promote and showcase pretentious, high ideal films, even if some have hardly been seen.

Absent the Oscar mix are the industry’s bread and butter films—horror, teen comedies, action, and mega-hit mythology films (which may get a tech award at best).

So is this a fair representation of what the industry is all about?

Without a doubt—no.

But should the Oscars be an accurate reflection of the industry as a whole?

Film, as we know, has enormous power made by that magical mixture of voice, visuals, music, and motion.

Film not only entertains—but also has the capacity to influence—and move us to action.

Given that power—and its attendant moral responsibility—the industry should hold itself to a high standard—of telling good and important stories.

And that ultimately is what the Oscars are about—showcasing films that aspire to a level beyond entertainment.

So join the celebration of the celebration—and be inspired to infuse your gross-out comedy with a keenly observed human emotion that we can relate to—and learn from.

We will celebrate it next year.



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