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 Over the past few weeks,IAFT HK had conducted several acting workshops at International Schools in Hong Kong.  As part of Chinese International School’s afterschool program, IAFT hosted back-to-back days instructing students on acting for film.

Students needed to distinguish the differences between acting in theater, as well as for film.  Characters acting for theater get to develop their character during the course of a multiple hour performance. Theater acting also demands more flamboyancy and body movements, as actors need to project more emotion or character to the crowd.  Acting for film differs in a sense that film captures the smallest gestures of an actor, and magnifies it on screen. Acting in film requires actors to take on roles of already established and developed roles, since actors may not necessarily shoot in chronological fashion, and film bits and pieces in reverse.

Our acting mentors Harry Oram and Maren Sigson represented IAFT HK for the workshops at CIS. A wide array of speech and movement exercises. In a blend of theater and film, Commedia dell’ Arte was the chosen set of scripts used for students, since they were familiar with the scripts and characters. The exercises were all conducted in-front of a live camera feed so that our mentors were also able to critique and give advice and pointers.

Similarly, IAFT held an on-camera film-acting workshop for 2 classes of students at the Hong Kong Academy. Our mentor Terry O’Toole used popular movie scripts for the students to re-enact and interpret.

IAFT has been hosting workshops for schools that are interested in the fields of filmmaking and performing arts – acting. We’ve received great feedback from these workshops, and any school interested can feel free to contact us!

– Samson Ko, Marketing







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