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Interview with Miss Earth 2014

As you all know, we interviewed some of our alumnus and students here in IAFT Cebu asking them about their thoughts about the school. Out of all the interviews though, this one got us all excited. After all, it’s not everyday that we get to interview a beauty queen.

Meet Miss Earth 2014, Jamie Herrell. We are proud to say that she is a student here in IAFT Cebu and she is in our Acting Program.

Here’s a brief background of Miss Earth 2014.

Jamie Herrell is from Lapu-Lapu City but she is also an American citizen. Asides from being Miss Earth 2014, she’s an owner of a dance company, international print model, and ambassadress for different environmental organizations. There’s a lot of things in her hands so let’s list them down.

She owns MDDC or the Mactan Dynamics Dance Company.

She won Sinulog Festival Queen 2013, Reyna Ng Aliwan 2013, Miss MegaCebu 2013, Miss Philippines Earth 2014, and most of all Miss Earth 2014.

She’s the ambassadress for Megacebu , Youth for a Livable Cebu (YLC), and the Miss Earth Foundation.

Participant with activities for ENO (Environmental Online), MegaCebu, YLC, Plan International, UNICEF, United Nations Environmental Programmes.

Being Miss Earth sure takes a lot of involvement and hard work. She’s very busy these days with environmental work, talk show appearances, travelling, and photo shoots.

Now that we got to know more about Miss Earth 2014, it’s time for the question and answer portion.

How does it feel when you won the Miss Earth title?

It felt like all of the hard work paid off. I prepared so much and I have been really blessed to win the title as Miss Earth. Many women would want to be in my place and the fact that it IS me was very overwhelming when I was crowned but now it already sank in I guess… so simply doing the work and loving it now but still happy.



What’s the hardest part of being Miss Earth?

I think the hardest part is always just getting the hair done and putting on the make-up during the days where I have events but, it’s more of tiring than hard because it takes away an hour of my sleeping time.


What’s the fun part of being Miss Earth?

I get to travel A LOT and I am all about the travelling and adventure.


Why did you decide to pursue acting?

Because I always like trying something new and when I got into it I just loved it. It’s so different than the world that I live in. Yes, I think being on stage during the pageant night is like acting cause really… who smiles the whole time the way the contestants do on stage? But, behind that… it totally is different because it’s really hard work in terms of doing projects with different organizations to build a better society and it involves with a ton of community work.



How did you learn about IAFT and what made you choose IAFT for your acting education?

I learned about it cause of my friend Ronnie who took up Filmmaking in IAFT and he told me about the acting programme so I told myself I should definitely go to this school.


How was your learning experience in IAFT Cebu?

My experience in IAFT Cebu has been really cool. I got to meet really talented people and I had a great mentor, Sir Alex Murphy, he taught us many things that I will never forget but, I am not yet done with my Acting Programme yet and hopefully he will be my teacher when I get back to school. He really inspired my classmates and I in so many ways and now a lot of us are going in different ways and reaching our dreams in life.


What has been your most memorable experience at IAFT so far ?

When I had my first show in school. I was so nervous I actually thought of calling in sick that day because I was afraid I would forget my lines but then I found out my other classmates who were also new in acting were pretty nervous themselves so I said to myself “At least I am not alone!” and I think we did pretty well for our first time.


What do you enjoy most about acting?

I can say anything I want, I can make all of the wacky faces I want, I can express myself all I want and no one will think I am weird. I think that’s really awesome.



Who are your inspirations in the film-making and acting  industry and why?

I love Anne Hathaway! I think she is such a doll and she is so versatile. I love her movies and I never get tired seeing her in any film.


Who are your inspirations outside of film making?

In terms of her work for the community… I would say Audrey Hepburn, she has inspired so many people in the world; not just in the entertainment business but also in many other ways.  She was an ambassadress of UNICEF and even taught kids on how to dance and did other things to make the people happy.


What are your favorite films and why ?

Sherlock Holmes. I love the storyline, the way the film was set up and of course, Robert Downy Jr. I think they picked the best actor to play the role.


What’s the one piece of advice you would like to give all film and or acting  students?

To be creative with your life and always work hard for what you want. You can’t get what you want if you don’t have both of these. They work hand in hand. Also, to just have fun because the entertainment industry is serious but if you are too serious then it’s no longer a good sign.



What are your plans for the future?

To go back to school and finish my studies, do as much short films as I can to really improve myself as an actor then go to the States and do auditions and hopefully I’ll get a break!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now and what would you have liked to have accomplished?

I would really love to have my own house that I paid myself and to also be a part of UNICEF in a bigger picture while doing acting because I really love to help people and inspire them but also doing what I love which is acting. So, Hopefully I’ll make it all come true! Cross fingers.




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