• 香港

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    IAFT – 香港,位於港島繁華鬧市與文化交匯的中心點。在多元文化及獨特的地理環境下,成就了香港作為大中華地區的電影的殿堂。這裡不單擁有不同的拍攝場地(森林、鬧市,海洋等),更與全球電影市場第二大的中國一脈相連。為學生提供了事業發展的重要的優勢。

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  • Hong Kong

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    IAFT-Hong Kong is located in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong Island. With a rich filmmaking history, a huge variety of shooting locations, (from urban jungle to beautiful beaches, and hidden waterfalls) and China as the largest film market outside of the US, it has never been more relevant to study film in Hong Kong.

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  • Cebu

    IAFT Cebu Class
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    IAFT Cebu,Philippines is a film school that delivers an educational experience that reflects Hollywood roots and traditions .Founded in 2004, IAFT Cebu is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, offering Certificate and Diploma programs that include significant amounts of hands-on practical experience under the care and guidance of recognized industry mentors. IAFT Cebu was also voted as one of the best film schools in the world by the respected Hollywood Reporter.

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