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Review by Michael Chasin


Mad Max: Fury Road has minimal Max—but maximum Fury Road.

This fourth Mad Max film will be enjoyable for fans of pure post-apocalyptic action—but will disappoint those seeking a furtherance of Max’s journey.

The film opens with Max (Tom Hardy) again at the mercy of a thug-as-cult leader—Immortan Joe—who controls the life-sustaining water supply of the surviving populace.

A high speed desert road chase soon follows—continuing on and on—before there is any character development—which serves to the detriment of the chase itself.

We are finally introduced to the escape driver—Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron)—who’s trying to return to her green birthplace—taking Immortan Joe’s wives with her.

One of those wives is pregnant—creating an opportunity to explore the theme of renewal—but as Max says—hope is a mistake.

That is one of the few lines of dialog that Max—the title character—who is locked in a mask for a good portion of the film—has to say.

Max is seemingly only in the film to perform heroics that the much more interesting Imperator Furiosa could have performed—and often does.

(I posit that if Max were edited out—there would still be the same story and film—but cleaner and purer.)

Much more compelling is Imperator Furiosa—well played by Ms. Theron—a character with depth—who we come to care about.

So should you see this film, enjoy the action of Fury Road—and Imperator Furiosa.



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