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Master Class With Vittorio Storaro

by Michael Chasin

The 13th annual Miami Short Film Festival presented an excellent Master Class lead by three time Academy Award winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro.

Vibrant at seventy plus years, Mr. Storaro, the son of a projectionist, focused his class on writing with light, citing, it’s not about the amount of light, but rather, the quality of the light.

Mr. Storaro described his lighting of many of his classic films including: The Conformist, The Last Tango in Paris, 1900, Dick Tracy, Bulworth, Apocalypse Now, Reds, and The Last Emperor—earning Oscars for the latter three.

The lighting themes of almost all of his films, Mr. Storaro shared, has been inspired by the expression of light in classic paintings, such as The Calling of Saint Matthew:

Mr. Storaro passionately believes that light effects emotional reactions.

As for screenplays—that by industry standard is confined to the generic DAY—Mr. Storaro advocates that since light emits different energies throughout the day—those differences be recognized and written into screenplays.

Also discussed was the significance of colors and their symbolism, such as yellow for the sun and blue for intelligence.

Acknowledging he was presenting to makers of short films, Mr. Storaro shared that he started his own career with shorts—offering that shorts are the best place—to make your mistakes.

Mr. Storaro concluded by stating that his time with the class was not so much instructional—as much as it was—his own confessional.

An educational and inspiring confessional—it truly was.






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