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IAFT  Screenwriting mentor Michael Chasin’s short film, GREATER GOODE, has now rolled into post-production after an exciting shoot.

It’s the story of a confrontation between escaped POW/Army Ranger Billy Goode and the officer who sent him into dubious battle.  The director is Jordan Wall.

Nick Shroeder is Billy.  Recent film appearances include USS Seaviper and American Horror Story on the FX network.

Billy’s up against Major Chris Conrad, played by Michael Jacques, who also appeared in USS Seaviper, along with Burn Notice, 5th of a Degree, Terrible Things, and Rough Winds.

Kim Ostrenko plays Billy’s mother.  She’s appeared in Dolphin Tale, both 1 & 2,  as well as Graceland, Boynton Beach Club, Entwined, Burn Notice on USA, and the TV movies From the Earth to the Moon and The Phantom of the Opera as Madame Giry.

Sheena Colette is also in the cast.  She’s in Walt Before Mickey, House of Bodies, Begin Again, and on TV in Burn Notice and The Glades.

Here’s some eye-catching info:

Chasin recruited former IAFT students and mentors for this stellar production and got them heavily involved in it. Bettys stories

Constantinos Loumakis was a filmmaking student there—and worked as Assistant Director.

Mentor Louis Molina—became Boom Operator, working with Production Sound Mixer Rob Freeman.

Michael Jacques was an Acting Mentor—and now he’s the co-lead.

Haylee Swick was a student—transformed into a PA…who then got promoted to Wardrobe.

Evidence that IAFT people are present and accounted for in the industry!

Greater Goode Director Jordan Wall (left) and producer/writer Michael Chasin on set.

Greater Goode Director Jordan Wall (left) and producer/writer Michael Chasin on set.

Greater Goode on location.

Greater Goode on location.


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