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MTV Movie Awards

by Michael Chasin


MTV—the music television network—recently staged its annual movie awards show.

Started in 1992—perhaps a bit tongue-in-cheek—its categories include:

  • Best Villain
  • Best Gut-Wrenching Performance
  • Best Onscreen Transformation
  • Best Kiss
  • Best Fight
  • Best Hero
  • Best Scared-as-S**t Performance

Nominees are selected by MTV, with winners chosen by open voting via MTV’s website.

The award itself—is a golden popcorn statuette.

The show is laden with under 25-year-old star/actor award presenters.

MTV’s Generation (Lifetime Achievement) Award—has been given to what must be considered fossils—stars in their forties.

The show is blatant in its commercialism.

Robert Downey Jr.’s acceptance speech as this year’s Generation Award Winner—was directly followed by a commercial for his Avengers: Age of Ultron.

So, is all this a slap to the prestige—or pretentiousness—of the Oscars?

Not at all—as the MTV Movie Awards directly hit the sweet spot of the film business:

  • Youth—in a highly youth-oriented business
  • Movie Attendance—symbolized in the popcorn statuette
  • Winners by Voting—as consumers vote via DVD rentals and sales

And most significantly—awards are given for precisely the reasons why we go to the movies—to see heroes—kissing, fighting, and having gut-wrenching moments.

Rather than an affront to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the MTV Movie Awards should serve to remind content creators of what audiences truly want—and the business—of the business.



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