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As a student here my experience here is one I can say that is substantially satisfying. I am known here as Arion Marin, and that is all I need to be known as. The courses here provides a range of ecstatic learning material that comprehends all I could have wished for as an actor attending an acting school

This school provides a score of subjects; movement, voice, acting, acting history, improvisation and acting in film and television. Learning here has been tremendously beneficial to my approach to acting. The intriguing characteristic of this is that it ascertains knowledge about both the classical theme and modern theme, offering a “freedom of choice” selection which such a massive dimension of classical and modern acting has without a doubt and will continue to be a stepping stone for my future acting career. This can only be amplified by the first class mentors that compliment the sterling course that has been; without a doubt, extremely educative and fun. This school has given me the opportunity to practice my skills in realistic environments, including other aspiring actors, professional equipment and real life acting scenarios.

I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to learn in such an amazing and established school as IAFT. Studying here has been a fun and insightful experience overall and it saddens me to know I must leave soon. All in all, I recommend IAFT to any other aspiring actors out there. Take the first step with IAFT to help shape your future career.

-ARION, Acting Student at IAFT



IAFT Cebu, Philippines is a film school that delivers an educational experience that reflects Hollywood roots and traditions. Founded in 2004, IAFT Cebu offers Certificate and Diploma programs in film , acting and 3D animation. Located in: One Hollywood Blvd
, Bigfoot I.T. and Media Park, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu, Philippines. Email:, Contact Numbers: Globe/Viber: +63-917-314-3456 Smart: +63-947-991-9659 Phone: +63-32-495-2111