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As the year is drawing to an end,  I would like to share some of the professional projects I recently did and take this opportunity to thank those of you I collaborated with.


Documentary Film

‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’ is a new short documentary film by Robert Godden (Rights Exposure)  and myself.

Made for the Progressive Labor Union of Domestic Workers of Hong Kong (Pludw Hk) and the Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Union (FADWU), the film investigates the illegal activities of employment agencies in Hong Kong through personal stories, expert analysis, and undercover recordings in agency offices.

The documentary highlights the failure of the Hong Kong government to protect the rights of Filipino migrant domestic workers and punish the illegal activities of the agencies.

Watch the full length documentary:


Commercial and Corporate

– New collaboration with Geometry Global [project shot in Jakarta and Seoul]

– New collaboration with Getty Images [Calvin Klein project shot in Hong Kong]

– New collaboration with Agence France Presse [AFP-Services:  Thomson Reuters/Haymarket  &  Solucom projects]



Check out some of the videos I made in collaboration with Greenpeace on Greenpeace International:



I very much enjoyed teaching a two-week video workshop for 30 journalists of  in Shanghai, and being amongst the key-note speakers at FIPP Asia-Pacific conference, where I spoke about digital video.Here’s an interview with me about the latter event:

Here’s an interview with me about the latter event:



A series of documentary photography and a short documentary film about the micro world of Shenzhen’s Hubei urban district and its colourful inhabitants .

Hubei urban village represents the most ancient history of Shenzhen, it’s a link to the past of this city of 10 million that became a megacity in only 30 years. While working on this multimedia that was created for the International Urban Images Festival, the local people told me endangered Hubei is a treasure and a pride of the people of Shenzhen and I fully agree with them.

Watch the short documentary – part of the multimedia exhibition:



My documentary photo series about Minas Quad Rugby was selected for The Other Hundred Educators’s book created by GIFT, the Global Institute for Tomorrow.

Based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Minas Quad Rugby’s members are tetraplegics. They have either partially or totally lost the use of their torso and limbs due to degenerative diseases, vehicle accidents or having been shot.  Three of its members represented Brazil at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.



Early next year I’ll be launching my new webpage. Meanwhile, for video updates check my Vimeo  and Youtube Channel where you’ll find this nice interview I did together with Dan Pordes for The Asian Football Confederation and Lagardère Sports about Hong Kong’s football coach Chan Yuen-ting who was recently placed on the “BBC 100 Women 2016 list” and the Guinness World Records as the first female football coach to win a top-flight men’s championship.


Wishing you all a happy and productive 2017 and I hope we have a chance to work together the coming seasons.

All my best!

Ivan Abreu



Huseina Tyebkhan

Huseina Tyebkhan

IAFT Hong Kong, Campus Director