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Nightcrawler – Film Review

These reviews of various films are simply an exercise to get the students 
to put their point of view as clearly and succinctly as possible to paper.
During the semester we looked at a number of films, concentrating
largely on these films from an actors point of view.
Committing their points of view to paper clearly, as an exercise, 
is the 1st step in developing their vocabulary for examining and sharing
what does and does not resonate for them as regards script, picture, 
and performance.
Alex Murphy

The story is original, clever and realistic. When I was watching the movie I was wondering how I would react in real life if I had to work for someone as Bloom. If I could trust him, if he won’t do something behind my back, etc. So the story took me somewhere.

I only recognize Gyllenhaal in the movie. He played it very well, I liked how he even changed physically (weight loss) for the movie. World class? Not really, but definitely good and believable. I guess it’s a combination of a good story and good acting. It was a believable story with good acting.

There were some nice plot elements like in the end: the film buddy that got shot and died, sabotaging of the van from the competition and in the end his success was based on manipulation.

The cinematography is really good: a good sense of L.A.

I would consider the genre as a ‘drama’; it also could be a ‘thriller’.  Sometimes it’s very clear what genre a movie is, sometimes it’s not so clear. But I do think it matters to categorize a movie to fully understand the context.

Talal Marrakchi, acting student 



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