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This was hands down one of the best action flicks I’ve seen this year. I’ve yet to see the newest “Die Hard” movie, and originally I was told that this movie is what Die Hard should have been in terms of action. “Olympus Has Fallen” refers to the hostile takeover of the White House in DC, aka Olympus. Gerard Butler stars as Mike Banning, formerly the President’s lead body guard whom was relieved of his duties as a Presidential guard after a previous tragic mishap. The US Government is meanwhile being under heavy attack by an unknown terrorist affiliation in the midst of an upcoming probably re-election of President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart).

President Asher is held captive, and it is up to Mike Banning and the national security to rescue the president from his captors. Morgan Freeman also stars, as the speaker for the White House.

The release of “Olympus” is very in-line with current political tensions, which made the events that take place in Olympus even more frightening. The action of this movie was pretty non-stop, and very few moments of stand-still silence.  The actors also all deliver great performances in all their respective ways. Gerard Butler does well in his typical roles in action sequences, as does Aaron Eckhart in his role as a captive president. Morgan Freeman also shines in his role; delivering his usual powerful speeches of wisdom and self-discipline.

Like previously mentioned, this was a movie pretty heavy on the action aspect. As expected, great big budget action movies tend to be accompanied by great camera work to capture the quick moments of action and suspense that make these movies awesome.

Big budget effects and explosions, accompanied by some heavy artillery makes this a favorite. Also slightly more realistic than most movies of this genre, and this is in terms of Gerard’s abilities; not having super-human strength, bullet proof, or being able to jump around like 50 feet from building-to-building after sustaining life-threatening wounds.

“Olympus Has Fallen”. Never a dull moment. Highly Recommended.

– Christine Yau, IAFT




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