Who We Are

Founded in 2004, the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) began its journey of affordable, top-quality filmmaking instruction on the beautiful tropical island of Cebu, Philippines. IAFT introduced filmmaking techniques straight from Hollywood itself to its students across the globe through the experienced hands of industry veterans. As a result, IAFT has become known for its Certificate and Diploma programs in Filmmaking, the Performing Arts – Acting, and other specialty workshops.


IAFT believes success involves being in the right place as well as having the right instruction and resources. That is why IAFT features campuses in Los Angeles, California, Cebu, Philippines and Hong Kong, China – all known for their thriving entertainment industries and ideal filmmaking environments.

  • IAFT Los Angeles: This campus is in the heart of California’s dominant entertainment industry and allows its students to soak in the knowledge and experience of the world’s finest filmmakers and talent. Today, IAFT has become one of the most sought-after film schools in California due to its status as a unique boutique film school. IAFT LA is licensed by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, to learn more visit their website.
  • IAFT Hong Kong: Located in China, IAFT Hong Kong is optimally located to take advantage of one of the most exciting centers of the arts in the world. Hong Kong is a mecca of cultural fusion and diversity that enables our students to create films in one of the world’s foremost cosmopolitan settings.
  • IAFT Cebu, Philippines: This beautiful seaside location was the first campus of IAFT and continues to offer exceptional instruction in an ideal locale for aspiring filmmakers both in the Philippines and elsewhere.


IAFT differentiates itself from other top film schools in Los Angeles by defining itself as a boutique film school that focuses on hands-on, learn-by-doing training. The school provides an optimal mix of theoretical and practical classroom sessions with small class sizes and one-on-one attention, combined with intensive project work.

The culmination of every IAFT experience is the pinnacle of creative achievement for an aspiring filmmaker: a three-ten minute film that is designed, written, filmed, directed, and edited by its student creator, all with industry-standard equipment and techniques.


IAFT aims to provide passionate students with hands-on training in new media and acting by providing experienced mentors, industry-tested practices and the necessary tools required to succeed in a globally competitive and evolving industry.


The focus of IAFT is simple: to deliver the best film school experience at a fraction of the price to aspiring filmmakers from all walks of life. IAFT prides itself on offering elite instruction that is also affordable, while also focusing on entrepreneurial encouragement.

Affordability. Hands-on learning. Unbeatable locations. IAFT is the window to the world of creative filmmaking. Contact us today to learn more.