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by Michael Chasin


You know you’re a writer, that’s your script… you’re a director… but if you’re the producer, what did you do?  See, nobody knows what you do.

The producer, I mean all he’s got is the credit.  Ya see, some plaques on the wall, they don’t know what we do.

Such was Dustin Hoffman’s self-pity as a successful producer in Wag the Dog.

So what does a producer do?  They, in short—provide.

As executive producer, you may provide the financing, star, script, and/or director.

As producer/associate producer, you may provide one of the above—but more often will earn your credit by managing the logistical elements of the production.

As line producer, you coordinate the unglamorous elements of call sheets, craft services, electrical sources, alternate rain days, and parking.

And as producer of a micro-budget film, it’s everything—and more.

It’s gaining permissions, recruiting the people of crew and cast, preventing disasters, polite pleading, fixing problems, impassioned pleading, promising no harm, always being positive, gentle prodding, being selectively pessimistic, forcefully prodding, promoting, creating props, managing people, and perseverance.

But the most important producing p-word—and most valuable asset—is your passion.

Your passion will inspire others—when there is no money—to join the production.

Your passion will inspire others—when there is no money—to provide services.

Your passion will sustain you—when crises arise—as they inevitably will.

And if you are fortunate, you will have the pleasure of feeding off the passion of a collaborator, as I was, with my Greater Goode co-producer and director Jordan Wall—whose passion continues to support the film in the post-production process.

So produce your film—even if you have no money—as long as you allow your passion to shine through.


Greater Goode Co-Producer & Director Jordan Wall (L) "Doing Whatever Is Needed" with Co-Producer & Writer Michael Chasin

Greater Goode Co-Producer & Director Jordan Wall (L)
“Doing Whatever Is Needed” with Co-Producer & Writer Michael Chasin

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