3-Week Acting Residency – Cebu Only

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: This program is open to all levels of actors who want to train for performing onscreen. The classes will review acting on camera in a number of styles and a camera and monitor set-up will be used to record performances. Students are directed by professionals and are required to have a lab time for rehearsals outside of class.


The program consists of lecture hours consisting of theory or new principles, and on-campus laboratory hours consisting of supervised student practice of a previously introduced theory/principle during which practical skills and knowledge are developed and reinforced.

Term 2 Hours

Acting History 101 »

(14 hours classroom, 8.5 hour lab) (CEBU – 10 hours classroom, 10 hours lab)

This course is an introduction to the history of theater acting from the Greeks to the modern day. Students will study the different methods and techniques of European and American icons of acting. They will examine how history reflects the assumptions of a culture and how artists use their medium to express their style of acting. (Prerequisite: None)


Voice 101 »

(24.5 hours classroom, 15 hours lab) (CEBU – 10 hours classroom, 10 hours lab)

Through expression, articulation and adjustment, students will learn the importance of vocal training. Using a combination of breaking habits, breath work, exercising various muscles and resonance, students will learn how to nurture their vocal instruments. Comedic and dramatic monologues from realistic/naturalistic film and theatre texts will give students the opportunity to focus specifically on the strength and quality of their vocal performances. (Prerequisite: None)


Acting 101 »

(35 hours classroom, 21 hours lab) (CEBU – 30 hours classroom, 10 hours lab)

The course is an introduction to the fundamentals of acting. Through lecture and various exercises, students will gain a practical understanding of the basic techniques or acting. Emphasis is placed on listening and responding, which form the foundation of the craft. (Prerequisite: None)


Movement 101 »

(24.5 hours classroom, 15 hours lab) (CEBU – 10 hours classroom, 10 hours lab)

Students develop an awareness of the body as an instrument of communication so that it will be properly tuned and trained. The focus is on flexibility and breaking down physical inhibitions. The course will include exercises and explorations in movement based on a variety of techniques for developing body and spatial awareness. (Prerequisite: None)


Acting for TV & Film 101 »

(28 hours classroom, 17 hours lab) (CEBU – 30 hours classroom, 10 hours lab)

This class will focus on the foundation of truthfulness, relaxation, and focus that is required to behave realistically under the microscope that is the camera. Scripted material and objective-specific exercises are utilized to sharpen awareness, and then to establish a student’s working knowledge of the technical requirements of acting for the camera. (Prerequisite: None)


Improvisation 101 »

(14 hours classroom, 8.5 hours lab)  (CEBU – 30 hours classroom, 10 hours lab)

When it comes to acting on camera, there is usually little time to rehearse. Therefore, the ability to improvise becomes a very important tool for the actor. Through various theatre games and exercises, actors will learn the importance of storytelling, listening and staying in the moment. By freeing their inhibitions, actors will develop tools to both trust their impulses and gain the trust of fellow actors. (Prerequisite: None)