Earn a Certificate in Filmmaking from IAFT!


Certificate Program in Filmmaking

Do you love film and filmmaking, and want to learn how to polish your work to a professional level?  The Certificate Program in Filmmaking at the International Academy of Film and Television is the perfect place for you to learn those techniques that will take your work from the level of an enthusiast to that of a skilled filmmaker.  If you are ready to take it to the next level, then check out the program’s itinerary.



Screenwriting 101 »

• Basics of professional screenplay formatting and 3-act structure.
• Brainstorm ideas for stories and scripts.
• Create story conflict, as well as memorable characters, relationships, and dialogue.
• Learn successful storytelling by examining character, structure and genre.
• Develop and write and workshop one short script.


Cinematography 101 »

• Learn the roles in the camera department.
• Learn basics of lighting, camera placement, coverage and continuity in hands-on sessions.


Sound 101 »

• Fundamentals of studio and location sound recording.
• Teaching the vital importance sound plays in creating an engaging and convincing scene.


Directing 101 »

• The role of the director / what makes a good director.
• Story development and script breakdown / shaping a story.
• Basic directing skills / shooting for editing / visual story-telling.
• Working with actors and writers.


Producing 101 »

• Role of the producer, from studio to independent filmmaking to television.
• Creating a production book, including script breakdowns, budgets and schedules.
• Producing the short film.


Class Film 101 »

• In Screenwriting 101, class members will each write one short script (about 3-5 pages) with no dialogue. • Each student will shoot his/her script as a project during the first term.


Editing 101 »

• Learn basic principles and rules of both technical and creative film editing.
• Learn Final Cut Pro for basic editing.
• Learn how to edit for emotion, pace, timing, smoothness and continuity.
• Edit a short film with no dialogue, music and effects.

Classroom hrs total 140
Lab Hours 85

Screenwriting 202 »

• Learn story structure in-depth, including the relation to genre.
• Learn to write inciting incidents, progressive complications, crisis, climax and resolution.
• Study principles from Robert McKee’s Story.
• Develop, write and workshop one short script.


Cinematography 202 »

• Learn to tell a story visually using camera movement, shot and lens selection and lighting.
• Learn advanced lighting packages to ensure quality and continuity of light.


Sound 202 »

• Digital nonlinear audio layout utilizing Pro Tools.
• Basics of ADR, foley and mixing.
• Importing, layering, and timeline editing.


Directing 202 »

• Managing cast and crew, and interacting with other departments.
• Directing actors and other directing skills / casting, rehearsals, and working one-on-one with actors.
• Using dialogue and sound to tell an audio-visual story.
• Overall theme and story resonance.


Producing 202 »

• Breakdown, produce a budget, and prepare a production schedule for a feature film.
• Casting, locations, staying on schedule and budget.
• Film financing, contracts, copyrights and other legal issues.
• Looking for funds to make films / the business of international film production.


Class Film 202 »

• In Screenwriting 201, class members will each write one short script (about 5-7 pages).  • One script will be selected for production by the class as a team during the second term.


Editing 202 »

• Edit a short film with synchronized audio and video using Final Cut Pro.
• Learn basic Photoshop skills.
• Learn basic motion and color correction skills.
• Export projects to DVD using DVD Studio Pro, , and compression for internet streaming.

Classroom hrs total 140
Lab Hours 85



If making films is in your blood, but you haven’t had any formal training, the hands-on training and one-on-one mentorship you will receive in the Certificate Program in Filmmaking at the International Academy of Film and Television will help you to refine that passion into professional level talent.  Considered a leading film school in LA, IAFT teaches film junkies at any level of experience the skills they need to succeed in the film industry.  Unlike expensive four year universities that require students to pick a single facet of the film industry to focus on as an emphasis, IAFT believes in a solid, well rounded film education. That is why the students in our Certificate of Filmmaking Program learn every aspect of filmmaking starting with screenwriting and progressing to pre-production, production, and then post-production.

With the Certificate Program in Filmmaking at the International Academy of Film and Television, you will receive the training you need to break into the film industry or set out on your own as an independent filmmaker in just 5 short months.  By the time you have completed the program you will have 450 hours of experience as well as a 3-5 minute no-dialogue film and a 5-7 minute group film under your belt, placing you head and shoulders above many others looking to pursue a career in film.

Apply today and get started towards an exciting career in film and production!