Auditions Masterclass

“Those other actresses were falling apart. A lot of them really couldn’t cope with the auditioning process, and I could. That’s why I got the job, because I’m good at auditioning.”
—Lisa Kudrow on the casting process for “Friends”

So you have the acting training and the skills, but thats only half the battle won. Learning to audition well is the next step in landing you the roles that you want. Auditions can be daunting for most people and acquiring the proper skills needed for them , can give you that special edge over the competition.

The monologue audition is alive and well. Its best to have yours prepared and fine tuned to perfection as many director’s and casting agents include the monologue in auditions.

This part time acting course will give you the practical tools for preparing audition monologues. Classes will work on 1-2 monologues from contemporary film/ and or theatre,concentrating on tricks to relax you, helping you focus on your performance.

Your IAFT Hong Kong Mentor will work with you to put together a repertoire of monologues for your portfolio. Performances will be filmed so that Students can analyze and prepare their monologues for professional level auditions.

When is it?

The program will run from 7.15pm to 10.15pm on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

The course is 28 Hours.

* Please note that the last two classes will be 2 hours each from 7:15 – 9:15.

Please see the dates below:​

26 October – 25 November 2015

N​ext Steps:

Contact or +852 5808 3443 for tuition details.