Independent Filmmaking Program

This is the perfect​ avenue​ for you to bring your film​​making​ ​aspirations to life.​ ​If you have a story to tell,​ ​​our professional industry mentors​ ​will help you make that​ ​dream into​ ​a​ ​production​ ​reality​.​

The Independent Filmmaking Program is an intensive 2-evenings-a-week course conducted over four months that explores the basic filmmaking process from start to finish​ – with ​classes in screenwriting, cinematography/sound, directing,​ ​ digital film production and editing, and culminating in the production of ​your short sync-dialogue film ​in drama, comedy or horror.

Through the course, you will learn about: ​

  • The creative process, covering idea-generating techniques and fundamentals of form, structure, character development and dialogue, along with proper screenplay formatting;
  • The director’s art and craft, with an emphasis on visual storytelling, character and story analysis, and working with actors;
  • Fundamental camera principles, types, formats and operations; shot selection and rules for continuity and screen direction; lighting strategies; framing and lens selection;
  • Pre-production; delegating crew positions and casting – all in a teambuilding, collaborative spirit;
  • ​Basic principles and aesthetics of cutting film using Adobe Premiere: nonlinear digital editing as a storytelling tool, recognizing effective in-and-out points, know-how to organize media storage efficiently and export footage when done.​

After the completion of the Independent Filmmaking Program, students can progress to the Advanced Independent Filmmaking Program to achieve the Foundation Certificate in Independent Filmmaking.

Contact us at 5808 3446 for details.