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"Savages" – IAFT Film School Movie Review

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Instead of reviewing a well-known movie, that I’m sure everyone has seen, I decided to cover “Savages“, a neat little adventure film that wasn’t quite so widely released.

The film has an intriguing plot, great cinematography, and is certainly not short of notable acting talent, with John Travolta playing a corrupt DFA agent and Salma Hayek the leader of a notorious Mexican Drug Cartel.

This cannabis caper was directed by Oliver Stone – well known for highly-acclaimed movies ‘Platoon’ and ‘Natural Born Killers’ – and follows two large scale pot growers (Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Taylor Kitsch, also better remembered as the guys in “Kick-Ass” and “John Carter” respectively) as they are blackmailed by a nasty Mexican drug cartel.

Although the movie is certainly a thriller, it has very romantic elements – we see the rather complex, yet intriguing relationship the two men share with their girlfriend (played by the wonderful Blake Lively), and we even see Salma Hayek, as “The Red Queen”, receive her own share of the audiences’ compassion as she skillfully portrays depth of character.

My favorite elements of the movie were Benicio Del Toro’s performance (he was entrancing on screen, you could really feel his sleaziness) and the imagery and colors of the movie itself  were so mesmerizing!

Although the flow of “Savages” leaves a little to be desired at certain points, the movie supplies us with a quest for love, acts of betrayal and deceit, and a fair amount of action. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s definitely a must!


– Christine Yau, IAFT Staff

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