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Screening night IAFT / graduation – A night of welcomes and goodbyes

On Wednesday April 22, we invited family and friends to say hello to the first movies of the second term film students and say goodbye to our graduates. All this happened in the new screening room that will be used for future premieres and screening happenings.
Just before it all started we were searching the building for more chairs since the visiting crowd kept growing during the buildup. We started the evening with just enough chairs and a speech from our principal, Diane. She introduced what the night was about and also brought forth our three graduates who’ve done an amazing job here in the school and will be sorely missed: Jan (filmmaker), Mariana (actress) and Vaibhav (Indian filmmaker). Throughout the screening we saw how the term 1 film students made a real effort in there MOS films.  We saw how the philosophy of Plato came to life in the very sellers of our own school. How art sees us. And how pants can make a real difference in a man’s life. Not to speak of the consequences when loosing someone who’s dear to us or simply when you’re too late for a blind date. Let’s be clear here: never make a girl wait. I’m speaking out of experience here. Anyway those were a couple of subjects that were shown in the MOS’ of the 1st term film students.
After these we got to see how the 2nd term film students have evolved to bigger projects and bigger stories. They’ve gotten the chance to work in team on movies that allowed speech and interesting shots thanks to their evolution in their know-how.
All of these movies have brought forth some interesting experimenting with ADR and nature shots. Want to know what they were about? Well let’s say they’ve giving us answers to the questions what happens when: What happens when siblings grow apart? What happens when you stifle your inner feelings? When happens you are so lazy you don’t care about the guy who brings you the food, as long as there is food? What happens when your world doesn’t match with your fantasies?
To be short, in my own opinion, there was some awesome screenplay writing and some great cinematography at work there.
We could finish the evening with a nice warm heart towards our graduates (who of course received a bottle of champagne, because what’s a filmmaker without a bottle of alcohol?) and a loud applause for our filmmakers and actors.
Hopefully we’ll see you during the next screening night in the (by then a little older) screening room. Next time with curtains, a bigger screen and hopefully more chairs!
This was Niels, third term acting class, reporting to you out of a comfy couch in the IAFT building, over and out!





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