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IAFT screenwriting mentor Michael Chasin has announced that one of his screenplays has gone into production in Florida with an exciting personnel list attached, including Jordan Wall—from A&E’s The Glades—making his directorial debut.

Chasin reports that his short script, GREATER GOODE, tells the story of an Army Ranger inserted into enemy territory in advance of a major operation, to guide the invasion force.  Instead, he is captured and, under torture, divulges classified information.

Against all odds, he escapes and makes his way back to U.S. troops, where he confronts his Commanding Officer, the man he believes set him up for a deadly fall.

“As a student of World War II, I’ve read a lot about the invasion at Normandy,” notes Chasin, “and of course, the deception landing at Calais intended to divert the Nazi’s attention.  That caused me to consider the burden of command—and the unknowing sacrifice of the men who landed and died at Calais, for the greater good of the war effort.”

Bart Tau, Director of Photography on the hit series Burn Notice on the USA network, has signed on as DP and is shooting Greater Goode on a Red.

Chasin continues, “I purposefully wrote this 10-page script to be highly producible—two main characters in a meeting room, in real time, with no stunts or special effects.  As such, it’s really a great piece for an actor’s director.”

And that brings us back to Jordan Wall, who played expert lab tech Daniel Green in the medical examiner’s office on The Glades.  Wall says he’d been shadowing directors throughout the last year of the series with the idea of becoming a director himself.  He thought GREATER GOODE would be his perfect debut film.

“When I read the script, it immediately popped as something original with a lot of attention paid to character.  It’s rare to see such character detail in any script, let alone a 10-page short.  So while I didn’t plan on directing a piece like this before it was presented to me, the actor in me was so drawn to the people on the page I knew I’d have been nuts to turn down an opportunity to help bring them to life, hopefully in a way not typical from what we normally see on screen.”

After he came on board, Chasin says, “We got others excited and involved in it as a passion piece, with our ultra-micro budget dedicated to logistics.”

Given the talents of all involved, the plan is to enter GREATER GOODE in as many major film festivals as humanly possible.

Fittingly, we are publishing this blog on the 70th anniversary of D-Day.



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