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by Michael Chasin


A film festival may represent different things to different people.

For some, it may be a venue to view great films—not otherwise available.

For others, it may be a place to network—with other filmmakers.

Yet for others, it may be an opportunity to share information—and learn.

Still for others, it may be about the red carpet—with the press dangling extended mics.

And for many, it may simply be a cool place to socialize and have fun.

The recent inaugural Skyway Film Festival was seamless, all of those things.

Held in Bradenton, Florida—near Tampa Bay’s Skyway Bridge—the fest had a glam opening night, screened compelling films, had a green room for networking, professionally organized parties with live entertainment, and very informative labs.

The labs were particularly eye opening—for creative types—as they shed light on the biz of the biz—with panels of producers and investors providing their vantage points.

The organization of the fest was first rate—from an information booth at the fest hotel to shuttle service—with an army of well informed—and enthusiastic—volunteers.

Awards were given for a wide variety of categories—including best teleplay, in keeping with the fest’s mission—a storyteller’s festival.

Big congratulations are given to the Skyway founders—Erik Lunseth, Joseph Restaino, and Wey Lin—for a highly successful first fest—that had the feel—of a veteran fest.

Whether a filmmaker or film fan—the 2015 Skyway Film Festival—had everything—for everybody.





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