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Slater Young visits IAFT; Talks Performing Arts Program

January 30, 2013


Cebu, Philippines – It was just last year that Slater Young took home the Big Winner prize for his role as the “hotshot engineer from Cebu” on Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited. Since his network debut, Mr. Young has become one of the hottest up and coming celebrity/actors in the business with recurring roles on ABS-CBN’s A Beautiful Affair, Maalaala Mo Kaya: Kape and no less than seven other appearances on the network’s top programming. When he isn’t working on the screen in Manila, he is relaxing in his home town of Cebu and frequently attends IAFT’s acting classes to stay sharp between projects. We recently caught up with the Filipino-Chinese star after class to catch up on all things IAFT, his classmates and a very bright future:

IAFT: What was the determining factor in your decision to attend the IAFT acting workshop?

SY: “The reason I chose to come to IAFT is so that when I am home in Cebu on vacation, I can still work on my acting. I like how the classes are structured and how I always get to meet new people every time I return! When I come home to Cebu for vacation, I can go to IAFT and attend structured classes. I like how I always get to meet new people every time I return.”

IAFT: Can we expect to see anything new in your acting style moving forward with what you have learned here at IAFT? Any secrets you can let us in on from inside the actor’s studio?

SY: “The whole point of going to class is so that you can learn something new and to keep on improving your skills. I look forward to gaining more from here and so far it’s been really good! It’s also great because Alex [mentor] has classes especially catered for film, such as ‘Acting for the camera.’ It’s tailor made for people who are on TV.”

IAFT: Describe what you like about your IAFT mentor Alex Murphy and his distinctive teaching style(s)?

SY: “One thing I can say is, I started taking classes about four months ago and since then I have seen a huge improvement in many of my classmates. They were shy and nervous when they started but now they are open! They are willing to take risks and they’re not afraid to be laughed at or anything! So that’s the environment that Mentor Alex creates, it’s very encouraging.

IAFT: Can you tell us about some of the exciting projects lined up for 2013?

SY: “In the future I have many projects in the works, so you will have wait and see! Right now, I am really trying to focus on acting for television but I really hope to eventually get into film also.”

IAFT: How does Cebu differ from Manila in regards to Acting education?

SY: “In Manila I only ever completed workshops but because IAFT is an actual school, I find that it’s more progressive. It doesn’t just end quickly; you can really take your time to build on your skills. You are also surrounded by all the other elements of film & TV, so it’s really immersed for an all round experience. And Cebu offers a different lifestyle compared to Manila, it’s basically paradise here! You can focus on school but it’s also easy to take time out and relax – the beach is only 15 minutes away!”

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