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Storytelling used to be simple.  From prehistoric drawings in the caves to digital effects-filled Hollywood blockbusters, stories have been designed to inspire, entertain, communicate and dazzle the audience. But throughout the years, the art of storytelling hasn’t improved that much.  What Aristotle wrote about the theater thousands of years ago still applies today. 

In film, storytelling nowadays is not better than films from the 40’s, 50’s, or even the 60’s.  The audience are hungry for better stories.  And with today’s technology, we wonder why everything else is developing so fast and yet stories remain so out of date.  In the past, one can only experience stories in one platform, a book, movie, TV show, etc.  But as the fast moving world advances, we need stories to cross platform.    

Perhaps it’s time for a change. We can embrace new technologies with new forms of storytelling – The evolution of storytelling is called Transmedia.  With our communication innovations today, stories can utilize its power to tell the same story in different media and channels at the same time.  Imagine watching a movie and be able to interact with the characters with your mobile phone, or continue the same story in a video game or watch extended story plots online.   This didn’t just happen overnight.  It started years ago with Star Wars.  But back then, it was just considered a giant commercial campaign to drive people to the cinemas. 

Today, storytelling is bigger than anything.  Advertisers are using more storytelling in their campaigns; viral videos are spreading the web like wildfires.  People are hungry for content.  And understanding this power of Transmedia is the new art of storytelling.  Transmedia can and will work with any communication devices of now and tomorrow. The possibilities are endless.    

By using multiple media (like TV, cinema, Web) and a single unified story/experience, we can entertain a new generation of audience as long as the content is fresh and original without any redundancy.  With Transmedia, storytelling can finally catch up with technology. 


– Gilbert Po, Screenwriting Mentor







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