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by Michael Chasin


Two hours.

That’s all the time we have—in a film—to learn new characters—with their unique motivations—and to experience and understand their tragedies, triumphs and changes.

Sixty-seven hours.

That’s the time we had to learn about the characters and to experience and understand all they went through—in Breaking Bad—and Sons of Anarchy—each.

Television, once the province of the solve-the-overt-problem-in-an-episode formula, has given way to long-form character examination.

Respected actors now find that doing long-form television is not—as was previously—a career step-back—but can rather be a career jump-starter.

So is it any wonder this is now being heralded as the new golden age of television.

The 1950s—that previously identified golden age of television—featured live broadcasts of serious dramas.

These dramas were often adaptations of stage plays—perfect for primitive television.

They featured characters in conflict—in static settings—and launched many successful film careers.

Today’s new golden age is television more broadly defined as cable or any online non-theatrical platform.

Film—with its emphasis on the visual—is purported to be a director’s medium.

Television—seen as more character driven—is a producer/writer’s medium.

With that, the new hot commodity in Hollywood: playwrights.

Playwrights—possessing expert skill in character and dialogue—are now highly desired to keep pace with the explosion of cable and internet/streaming original content.

Playwrights and their talky content—are once again—at the heart of a golden age.





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