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Here’s the conclusion to Pete Wassell’s Call to Action for Film School Students.

I wasted a good amount of my time in film school doing things that children do, instead of preparing myself for my future as an artist.  I’m playing catch up now because of it.  However, the time I did spend creating things with my friends were by far the most fun and the most rewarding.  I can expose film, and I know how digital cameras work on the inside.

I can’t edit, though.  You know why?  Because I didn’t understand the potential of being a good editor coming out of college.  Editing is one of those things you can learn at film school.  You can spend all day and all night teaching yourself AVID and Final Cut and Adobe.  Then, when you get out of college you can start as an AE and work your way up to editing a TV show, or reality TV, or music videos, or movies, or trailers!  Those people make upwards of $2500/week.  I don’t know if I could even spend that kind of money.

Although, it isn’t all about making money.

It’s about learning how to express yourself through the most beautiful medium on the planet.  No other art form blends visceral entertainment and thought-provoking prose and observation the way film does.

I love film.  Can you tell?

If you want to learn how to express your own thoughts and ideas, film school is an amazing way to do it.  Take 4 years out of your life to learn about the different sensors in digital cameras, and the post workflow for RED footage.  Learn about the F scale and how it affects focal length.

If you want to be a Producer, get on the horn and start locking down locations and raising money.  Learn how to draw up a budget, and where you can cut corners.  Don’t piddle away your time in film school.  Don’t wait!  Seize the opportunity, it’s sitting there right in front of you!  Take the necessary steps and put everything you have into making films the way you want to make them.

To be successful you need to know everything, and guess what?  You can learn everything in film school.  You just have to get off the couch and do it.

Pete Wassell
Author: Pete Wassell

Pete Wassell is a producer. His latest project is Charlie & Wendy. He often writes blogs for IAFT.