A Five-Star Critique…

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Hey, we got a really nice unsolicited review on YELP.COM from one of our acting students!  He says,

“I thought the teacher was great.  Very friendly and helpful…  (The school is) very nice, newly built, still smelled of fresh paint and new carpet.  All in all, I had a great time, learned A LOT, met some great people and it was definitely worth the money!” And he gave us FIVE STARS (out of 5)!

He was part of a first-rate group, and they worked hard.  It was an interesting mix—some of them had a good deal of experience as working actors, and some had no experience at all. This was the result of happenstance, since enrollment was completely open to anyone who wanted to sign up. But there’s a fine synergy when you get a group like that—the ones who’ve been at it for a while inspire the rookies with their expertise, and the rookies inspire the vets with their freshness. Learn more about our acting school.

Fred Bailey
Author: Fred Bailey

Frederick Bailey made his debut as a feature director with Shogun Cop, a fantasy action/adventure unveiled at the Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival.  A total of 23 of his screenplays have made it to film.  Frederick has worked extensively with producers as diverse as Roger Corman and Bob Rafelson.  His screen acting credits include supporting roles in nearly 20 films, as well as a recurring role on NBC’s Days of Our Lives.  Fred has also directed over one hundred stage plays in theatres all across the U.S.  Recently, he’s written, directed and on-screen hosted two 45-minute educational documentaries for IAFT: DIRECTING and SCREENWRITING. He’s taught acting, directing, and screenwriting in Japan and the Philippines.