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by Michael Chasin


Zeitgeist. That’s a word of German origin translated/defined as—spirit of the times.

For content creators, this means creating stories—about the happenings of the period.

Baby boomers, coming of age in the idealized 60s, suddenly found themselves having to reconcile their peace and love values—with the materialistic 80s.

That mega-hit of the 1980s—Family Ties—was about 60s radicals raising a suburban family in the 80s—including ultra-conservative, budding entrepreneur, Michael J. Fox.

In this new millennium, traditional values have morphed and evolved—reflected in 2009’s (and counting) Modern Family—about blended families and new values.

As we have slowly moved out of the great recession—foreign affairs have emerged as one of the leading national topics.

Not surprisingly then, currently airing are:

  • The Americans—about KGB agents posing as an American family—unbeknownst to their American born and raised children.
  • Allegiance—about a female KGB agent who married an American and whose son is now a CIA analyst.
  • Madame Secretary—about a female secretary of state who deals with hostile foreign governments.
  • American Odyssey (airing soon)—about a female American soldier, originally presumed dead, who must now escape from the turbulent, violent middle east.

These are in addition to the critically acclaimed Homeland—and not coincidentally, similar to Homeland.

In a business where predicting the audience’s future interest is difficult—sometimes being aware of the present—is the best place to start.





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